Gatineau, Quebec

On June 29, Bill C-30, an Act to implement certain provisions of the budget, received Royal Assent. The bill contains amendments to the Public Service Employment Act that aim to strengthen diversity and inclusion, and address biases and barriers faced by equity-seeking groups.

The Public Service Commission of Canada (PSC) will have an important role in implementing these changes, which will support increasing diversity and levelling the playing field for all Canadians who participate in public service hiring processes.

As the provisions of the law come into force in stages, the PSC will work with key stakeholders, including departments and agencies, bargaining agents and employee diversity networks, to implement these amendments effectively.

The PSC continues to advance diversity, equity and inclusion through initiatives that include targeted student and graduate recruitment programs, an internship program for persons with disabilities, and audits and studies on the impact of the hiring process on equity-seeking groups.

The PSC is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion, and to ensuring that all those applying to public service jobs have an equal opportunity to highlight their unique talents.