In alternative medicine, bodywork refers to any psychological or personal development practice that involves interfacing with the human body in any form, such as manipulative therapy, breathwork, or energy healing. Bodywork methods also aid in the measurement and strengthening of posture, as well as the promotion of awareness of the body-mind connection, which considers the human body and mind as a single integrated unit.

Dr. Ronan Kisch, a clinical psychologist, and bodywork educator has documented twenty-seven bodywork/massage therapists whose clients had unusual, if not miraculous, recoveries after receiving bodywork from these practitioners, despite grave medical prognoses or life trauma. In his book, “The Miraculous Achievements of Bodywork: How Touch Can Provide Healing for The Mind, Body, And Spirit,” he invites us to observe the healing advantages of touch.

Touch’s psychological and spiritual potential is boldly explored in this book. The stories reveal and demonstrate the advantages of conscious and present bodywork. Further research into the how and why of bodywork’s accomplishments, on the other hand, revealed physiological, spiritual, and psychological undercurrents that could be present during a session. Dr. Kisch explores the consciousness and intelligence of bodyworkers, as well as the transformation of their clients. This is a must-read for anyone interested in the mysteries surrounding the relationship between the body, mind, and spirit. Dr. Kisch’s clear writing style makes the book accessible to both newcomers and those interested in learning more about bodywork. The book is an excellent resource for individuals who want to learn more about the benefits, science, and inner workings of bodyworks.

The book is also well received and has received positive feedback with one commenter saying:

“I just finished reading ‘The Miraculous Achievements of Bodywork;’ I could not put it down. I believe it is a must-read not only for people who do bodywork but for those who are having bodywork done. As a Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner, it reminded me of the many miracles, I have witnessed over my 12 years in the field. It inspired me to continue to look for and acknowledge what I am a party and witness to so often. I am grateful to Ronan Kisch for sharing the stories of how love, energy, and touch create miracles.”

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The Miraculous Achievements of Bodywork: How Touch Can Provide Healing for the Mind, Body, and Spirit
Author: Ronan M. Kisch, Ph.D.
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: April 2021
Book Genre: Self-help, Health, Alternative Medicine

About the Author:
Ronan M. Kisch, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and bodywork educator in private practice in Dayton, Ohio. He received his doctorate degree from the University of Kentucky where he was an NIMH Trainee at the Department of Medical Behavioral Science. He received post doctoral training at The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. Dr. Kisch is a Certified Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) Practitioner, a Nationally Certified Bodyworker, a Trager® practitioner, and he holds a certificate from The Santa Barbara Graduate Institute in Somatic Psychology. He has served as a counseling specialist at Kent State University and as a health psychologist in Dayton’s Miami Valley and Sycamore Hospitals.