Kids, whether at home or school, are naturally mischievous little creatures. Parents, teachers, and caregivers can use a rewards system to keep them in line–positive reinforcement for good behavior and a consequence for bad behavior. This is a proven method, but as much as we wish for it to work all the time, there are instances wherein a child will still choose to be naughty.
Such is the story of a kindergartener named Nate. He was a boy who chose to one day be naughty and not listen to his teacher. And in Elizabeth Arkward Newton’s book, we learn more about him. Newton welcomes us to a one-of-a-kind story that’ll make everyone behave properly. She presents, “The Night the Monster Caught Me.”
In this book, we follow Nate as he spends a day at school. His teacher, Mrs. Green, has a behavior chart for the whole class. Students will get a green frog if they are very good, yellow if they are not very behaved, and red when they are naughty. Usually, Nate will try to be mindful of his attitude—but unfortunately, he was too hyper that day. With him being naughty and unruly, he was awarded a red frog. When his parents asked, he lied and claimed to have a green frog, not knowing that his parents already knew the truth from Mrs. Green.
Nate blamed Mrs. Green for what happened instead of reflecting on his actions. Until he fell asleep and dreamed of something that would surely make him behave better next time.
What was the dream? How did it change Nate’s attitude?
Join Newton as she teaches children the value of being well-behaved in class, respecting adults, being truthful, and accepting responsibility for their mistakes. This one-of-a-kind book will undoubtedly thrill children while also teaching them a valuable lesson that will help them advance in life. The book is also infused with fun activities and written in standard prose, ensuring a quality read, educationally and entertainment-wise. Grab a copy now!
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The Night the Monster Caught Me
Author: Elizabeth Arkward Newton
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: April 2021
Genre: Children’s Book
Target Audience: Children age 4 to 8.
About the Author
Elizabeth Arkward Newton, the youngest of eight children; she was born in Lyndhurst, Virginia and raised in the valley of the Afton Mountains. Her primary and secondary education was in the public school systems of Albemarle and Nelson Counties. High school education was provided by the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament at Saint Francis De Sales (Castle on the James River) in Powhatan, Virginia. Saint Francis De Sales was an all girls’ prep-high school founded by Saint Katharine Drexel in 1891 for disadvantaged African American and Indian girls. The school was designed to promote dignity, self-respect and a high degree of Christian education.