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The knowledge-packed webinar will be presented by Namita Tiwari, a Business Storyteller, Digital and Content Marketing Leader and Pratibha Dubey, a Digital Marketing Specialist at Propel Guru. This free webinar will be the best learning opportunity for all the business owners and marketing specialists looking to establish their business as thought leaders and expand exponentially in this digital space. By attending this webinar, you will learn and explore how to market your brand successfully to evolve as a leading business firm in this marketplace.

Hear right from our experts everything you need to know about thought leadership marketing and gain invaluable insights on how you can establish your brand value in this competitive era.

What attendees can expect from the webinar:

How to build a thought leadership brand in 2021

Thought leadership marketing: Tips for getting started

B2B thought leadership marketing: Rethink your content strategy

Explore the world of leadership marketing and content marketing

Master the art of thought leadership marketing: Do’s and don’ts

Emphasizing the growing business needs, thought leadership marketing serves in establishing your business as an authority on essential topics by providing answers to the most pressing problems in your target audience’s minds. In this interactive and knowledge-driven webinar, Propel Guru’s experts will open up to the concept of thought leadership marketing and will bring forward the growth hacking techniques to skyrocket your brand awareness and market share in the industry.

Webinar Details:

Webinar Topic: Thought Leadership Marketing 2021

Host- Pratibha Dubey, a Digital Marketing Specialist at Propel Guru

Speaker- Namita Tiwari, a Business Storyteller, Digital and Content Marketing Leader.

Date: June 25, 2021

Timing: 8:30 pm IST

Registration for this webinar is now open. To learn more about this webinar and register, visit the Webinar Registration Page on the Propel Guru website.

About Namita Tiwari

Namita Tiwari is a business storyteller, result-oriented, digital and content marketing leader in technology industry, with rich experience around campaigns, content & communications, her key forte’ has been developing messaging and its effectiveness for integrated campaigns. She is passionate about creating next-generation marketing programs that converge digital, brand & content. She intends to develop outstanding marketing programs that can increase the share of voice, customer engagement & fuel revenue growth.

About Pratibha Dubey

Pratibha Dubey is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Propel Guru who possesses rich experience and broad knowledge of online marketing, specifically in social media, digital marketing, Google analytics, and more such areas. An enthusiastic and multi-task performer, Pratibha has hands-on experience in handling marketing specifications based on Propel Guru. She is an out-of-the-box thinker who possesses fantastic problem-solving skills in managing complex marketing challenges and creating an effective approach to implementing the business’s growth at a wider spectrum.

About Propel Guru

Propel Guru is a top-of-the-line creative digital marketing company that is dedicated to creating memorable and enriching digital experiences. It provides ingenious and innovative sales, lead generation, email marketing, graphical content, and digital marketing solutions to small, medium, large, and Fortune 500 Companies.

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