Organic, vegetarian and vegan friendly multivitamins for children, supporting their developmental foundation of health.

Bloomy Wellness, a multivitamin and probiotic brand made for moms and kids, this week announced their brand and products are officially available for purchase.

Expertly devising vegan, vegetarian, and organic formulas in all of their vitamins and probiotics, Bloomy proudly boasts ingredients that do not include gelatin, soy, tree nuts, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

“We are proudly part of the sustainable and healthy consumption movement, which is why we wanted to create an organic, vegan multivitamin for moms and kids specifically,” said Saman Izadiyar, Founder and Owner of Bloomy. “We recognized a gap in the market and the need for probiotics and daily vitamins that were made with kids in mind.”

Available Bloomy products include the Kids Essential Multivitamins, the Mom & Kids Immunity Support, and the Kids Organic Probiotics. Each product includes vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that help children reach their fullest health potential.

All Bloomy products are shipped in a glass jar with refillable pouches, following a 100% plastic-free pledge. The brand has eliminated all traces of single-use plastic, and only uses materials that are 100% recyclable or home compostable.

“We are an environmentally conscious, wellness brand that is delivering the purity and goodness of Mother Nature’s ingredients to families around the world,” said Izadiyar. “We allow families to feel good about their consumption with our recyclable products. Spread the word today.”

Bloomy is a monthly subscription product that ensures kids and families are consistently supplied with the vitamins and minerals they need to lead healthy and happy lives.

As parents have stated after using the Bloomy products, ‘my kids now have energy and focus. I’m reassured knowing they’re building healthy habits and receiving all of the vitamins and nutrients they need throughout the day,’ said Mika Petruzzi, Mother of 6.

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