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Whether you are a professional cook or just starting out, every kitchen needs a good set of knives. It’s important to have the right blades at your fingertips – especially if you like to cook from fresh, grow your own produce or meal plan. By using sharp, well-balanced, and comfortable knives cooking will be made much easier.

At the Gunter Wilhelm, each knife set includes a chef’s knife or santoku knife or both as standard. They also feature one or more of the following: paring knife, paring knife, utility knife, carving knife, bread knife or peeling knife. Some are complete sets ideal for those upgrading their kitchen, others are great to add to or upgrade your current knife set. Below are our highest-scoring sets.

Different knives explained.

With hundreds of different knives on the market, each with their own culinary task – some of the more specialist ones include parmesan knives, oyster knives and even salmon knives – it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But here are the main ones to consider:

Chef’s knife

This is a multi-purpose knife well-suited to most tasks. A chef’s knife will be thicker towards the heel, making it perfect for hard root vegetables, potatoes, and meats.

Santoku knife

The Santoku knife originated in Japan and is a general-purpose knife. It has a thinner blade than a chef’s knife and is most effective when dicing, chopping, and mincing.

Paring knife

This small and nimble knife is ideal for fiddly tasks such as peeling, coring and finely slicing.

Sereated utility knife

These knives look very similar to a paring knife but have a serrated edge. They are great for cutting tomatoes and citrus fruits.

Utility knife

A smaller version of a chef’s knife, best used when a chef’s knife is too big for the task at hand. Ideal for carving chicken breast or slicing small vegetables.

Carving knife

Best for slicing joints of meat and poultry – with the wrong knife you risk shredding, tearing and hacking at the flesh.

Bread knife

Designed with a sharp serrated edge to easily cut through crusts and rusks. They are also great for cutting fruits with fibrous skins, such as pineapples.

Peeling knife

Similar in appearance to a paring knife but the blade curves inwards. This makes removing tough skins from fruit and vegetables much more simpler.

About Gunter Wilhelm

Incorporated in 2002, Gunter Wilhelm is accepted and recognized by professional chefs, celebrities and home cooks as an innovative and remarkable cutlery and cookware brand, combining high quality, advanced features and superior performance.