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Skin Grip specializes in ultra-strong adhesive patches for securing diabetics’ glucose monitors. When a recent crisis threatened diabetic supplies in Belize, which has one of the world’s highest diabetes rates, Skin Grip donated 5,000 patches.

Diabetes is rampant in Caribbean countries, including Belize where diabetes is one of the top causes of death among adults. When a crisis left Belizeans rationing insulin and other diabetic supplies, Skin Grip stepped up to donate 5,000 adhesive patches for glucose monitors.

Diabetics depend on CGMs (continuous glucose monitors) to keep their blood sugar levels in the safe zone, but these small medical devices must be anchored to the skin to work properly. Most diabetics deal with the devices falling off and getting lost in their daily activities or at night, but Skin Grip is changing that with an ultra-strong adhesive that keeps CGMs attached to the skin for up to 14 days.

When Skin Grip President, Isaac Parkinson, received word through the charitable foundation Mutual Aid Diabetes that a crisis in Belize had caused a shortage of supplies for diabetes care, his company donated 5,000 FreeStyle Libre sensor adhesive patches to be distributed along with FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitors.

“The FreeStyle Libre is revolutionary in helping people monitor their diabetes without the dreaded round-the-clock finger sticks, but the big challenge is keeping the device in place — especially in the humidity of Belize,” said Parkinson.

In the best of conditions, these pricey devices tend to fall off during sleep, exercise, or even with the friction of a hug. After Parkinson’s brother was diagnosed with diabetes, he tuned into this challenge and started Skin Grip to produce a tape strong enough to keep the devices firmly secured.

Belize’s diabetes rates exceed 13% (as compared to the global average of about 9.3%) and are among the highest in the world. Belize was battered by hurricanes at the end of 2020, which caused widespread damage to homes, infrastructure, and agriculture and contributed to food and medical supply shortages, soaring prices, and unemployment.

Parkinson said that he hopes to continue partnering with Mutual Aid Diabetes, which ensures adequate access to diabetes supplies, medications, and sustainability around the world. “This was our first time working with Mutual Aid Diabetes, and the difference we were able to make inspired us to do more. We are continuing to watch their website and get supplies and donations to individuals who request help.”

In addition to the FreeStyle Libre, Skin Grip’s tape works for Dexcom, Medtronic, Omnipod, Eversene, and T:slim monitoring devices. With Skin Grip, diabetics can sleep, exercise, shower, and even participate in extreme water sports without worrying about losing their monitoring devices.

Skin Grip’s tape and patches are latex-free, hypo-allergenic, and 100% medical grade. The company has helped more than 40,000 type-1 diabetics secure their diabetes sensors, saving them more than $15 million on replacement sensors. To learn more about the company’s tape and patches that allow diabetics to “live without limits,” go to

About Skin Grip

Skin Grip makes strong adhesive tapes to keep monitors secured to the skin so that diabetics can participate in their favorite activities with peace of mind. They offer patches for all types of glucose monitors and insulin pumps.