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Unexpected changes have disrupted our society, causing people to evolve in ways nobody ever thought possible. How do people use this shift to expand their choices? How do they embrace the change and let go of what is inhibiting them and find the courage to move forward with a spirit of adventure?

Life has a miraculous way of delivering a series of messages for people to sense that it is time for a change. One of the many ways they can bring about and embrace this awakening is by changing how their atmosphere and living spaces communicate with them in their everyday lives.

In this book, Laura Mineff presents The Universal Design Method which provides people with a new and exciting way to design their living environments to remove the resistance and create a fear-free lifestyle.

A hardcover, paperback, and Kindle versions of this book are available on Amazon. You can download the Kindle version of this book for free until June 14. Grab your copy now.

“Simple changes to one’s atmosphere can change their mindset in a big way. Areas that once brought stress, can now bring joy and inspire creativity. Once people start to shift their mindsets, they can start to see the opportunities presented to them every day and they can embark on a journey toward the next step in their lives. This gives them the freedom to create their reality,” says Laura Mineff, the creator of the Universal Design Methodology and the author of “A Round Peg in a Square World.”

“With our world changing so rapidly, the need to keep our mindset positive and creative increases. With the Universal Design Method that Laura presents in this book, you’ll learn actionable steps you can take to start changing up your atmosphere and your mindset. The lessons you’ll learn in this book can definitely help you achieve a sounder mind and a more cheerful heart,” says Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy.

Here are a couple of the powerful AHA messages you can share from this book:

– Life is all about the #journey and the destination is just a great excuse. Remember to enjoy your journey to a happier and healthier, loving life.

– The path to true happiness is always through a loving heart. #conditioning #unconditionallove

– The most important person to love is one’s self. People can only give what they have. To love another, one must first love one’s self. To appreciate another, one must first appreciate one’s self. #conditioning

– Fear can subside when people change their atmosphere. They are able to see opportunities because they are no longer focused on fear. #newmindset

– Catalysts propel people to find the courage to change their direction in life. This puts them on the #journey to appreciating themselves. One’s environment is a critical part of self-discovery.

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