Achieve Your Dreams and Take Control of Your Destiny with Lloyd N. Moffatt’s New Book: “The Decisions That Shape One’s Destiny”

Discover How to Make the Right Decisions and Create a Fulfilling Future


Lloyd N. Moffatt, author of the new book, The Decisions That Shape Ones Destiny, has written a comprehensive guide for achieving your dreams and taking control of your future. With thought-provoking advice and a step-by-step program for success, Moffatt helps readers identify the decisions that shape their destiny and use those decisions to create a meaningful and fulfilling life.

The Decisions That Shape Ones Destiny begins by introducing readers to the concept of making conscious decisions and how those decisions influence the trajectory of their lives. Through engaging exercises and anecdotes, readers are encouraged to reflect on and analyze their own decisions and how they have impacted their life.

In addition to exploring the concept of decision-making, Moffatt also provides practical advice and strategies to help readers make the right decisions. From setting achievable goals to leveraging the power of positive thinking, Moffatt offers readers a variety of tools and techniques to reach their full potential.

For those who are looking to make a change in their life, The Decisions That Shape Ones Destiny is a must-read. With Moffatts guidance, readers can create a life that is full of purpose and happiness.

The Decisions That Shape Ones Destiny is available now on Lloyd Moffatts Website. For more information about the book, visit

The Decisions That Shape Ones Destiny
Author: Lloyd N. Moffatt
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: January 2022
Genre: Religion & Spirituality Worship & Devotion
Target Audience: All

About The Author
Lloyd N. Moffatt was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Growing up Lloyd has had some challenging experiences in his life where he was a witness and victim of violence and hardship. The obstacles in his life propelled him to support himself through college where he received his bachelors degree from Bernard Baruch College. Throughout most of his personal endeavors, Lloyd faced countless opposition finding and working in jobs that did not live up to his full potential. In his pursuit to achieve success, he was relentless in finding his purpose and passion in life. He became a teacher who has impacted the lives of many children with dynamic backgrounds. He has been married for several years and a father to three beautiful children. He is an editor of several published books and an author of a few upcoming books of his own. He knows the lessons, experiences and words inspired in this book will impact the lives of millions of readers. It is through the very experience, lessons, decisions and challenges that he has had to go through in his life which he feels will be the same ones that will ultimately help others find their true purpose and destiny in this world.

If we have to achieve the inclusive ideals of our constitution, then the role of women in the judiciary also has to be increased: President Kovind

If we have to achieve the inclusive ideals of our constitution, then the role of women in the judiciary also has to be increased, said the President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind. He was speaking at the foundation stone laying ceremony of Uttar Pradesh National Law University and new building complex of Allahabad High Court at Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh today (September 11, 2021).

Referring to the Allahabad High Court’s historic decision to enroll India’s first woman lawyer, Ms. Cornelia Sorabji in 1921, the President termed that decision a forward-looking decision in the direction of women empowerment. He said that last month, a new history was created of the women’s participation in the judiciary with the appointment of nine judges, including three women judges, in the Supreme Court. He noted that the presence of four women judges out of the total 33 judges appointed in the Supreme Court is the highest ever in the history of the judiciary. He said that these appointments have paved the way for a woman Chief Justice of India in future. He emphasized that establishment of a truly just society would be possible only when the participation of women increases in all areas including the judiciary. He noted that at present the total strength of women judges in the Supreme Court and High Courts together is less than 12 per cent. He said that if we have to achieve the inclusive ideals of our Constitution, then the role of women in the judiciary also has to be increased.

The President said that he had seen closely, struggle of the poor for getting justice. Everyone has expectations from the judiciary, yet, generally people hesitate in taking the help of the courts. This situation needs to be changed in order to further increase the confidence of the people in the judiciary. He said that it is the responsibility of all of us that – everyone gets justice in time, justice system should be less expensive, decisions should be in the language understood by the common man, and especially women and weaker sections should get justice in the judicial process. This would be possible only when all stakeholders associated with the judicial system bring necessary changes in their thinking and work culture and become sensitive.

The President said that it is the need of the hour to continuously strive on many aspects, from expediting the disposal of pending cases to increasing the efficiency of the Subordinate Judiciary in order to boost the confidence of general public in the judiciary. Our judicial process would be strengthened with the arrangement of adequate facilities for the Subordinate Judiciary, increasing the number of working judges and providing enough resources as per the provisions of the budget. He expressed confidence that the Allahabad High Court would set an example in all such areas with the cooperation of the State Government.

Speaking about the choice of Prayagraj for the Uttar Pradesh National Law University, the President said that a major identity of Prayagraj has been as a center of education. Given the important role of Allahabad High Court and the reputation of Prayagraj as a center of education, it is the ideal place for this Law University.

The President said that quality legal education plays an important role in strengthening the rule of law based system. World class legal education is one of the priorities of our society and country. In this era of knowledge economy, the ambitious policy of becoming a knowledge super-power is being implemented in our country. Establishment of Uttar Pradesh National Law University is a step forward in this direction.

The President said that it is relatively easy for any institution to establish all the systems in a well thought out manner at the very beginning. Once the system is created, the process of improving it becomes complicated. Therefore, he urged all stakeholders to adopt the best practices in the Uttar Pradesh National Law University from the very beginning. He said that a world-class institution should be built by implementing world’s best practices in all aspects like creation of modern facilities, selection of students, appointment of teachers, preparation of curriculum, selection of styles of pedagogy etc.

Click here to see President’s speech in Hindi



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Achieve the Freedom to Create the Reality You Want Today with Laura Mineff’s “A Round Peg in a Square World”

Unexpected changes have disrupted our society, causing people to evolve in ways nobody ever thought possible. How do people use this shift to expand their choices? How do they embrace the change and let go of what is inhibiting them and find the courage to move forward with a spirit of adventure?

Life has a miraculous way of delivering a series of messages for people to sense that it is time for a change. One of the many ways they can bring about and embrace this awakening is by changing how their atmosphere and living spaces communicate with them in their everyday lives.

In this book, Laura Mineff presents The Universal Design Method which provides people with a new and exciting way to design their living environments to remove the resistance and create a fear-free lifestyle.

A hardcover, paperback, and Kindle versions of this book are available on Amazon. You can download the Kindle version of this book for free until June 14. Grab your copy now.

“Simple changes to one’s atmosphere can change their mindset in a big way. Areas that once brought stress, can now bring joy and inspire creativity. Once people start to shift their mindsets, they can start to see the opportunities presented to them every day and they can embark on a journey toward the next step in their lives. This gives them the freedom to create their reality,” says Laura Mineff, the creator of the Universal Design Methodology and the author of “A Round Peg in a Square World.”

“With our world changing so rapidly, the need to keep our mindset positive and creative increases. With the Universal Design Method that Laura presents in this book, you’ll learn actionable steps you can take to start changing up your atmosphere and your mindset. The lessons you’ll learn in this book can definitely help you achieve a sounder mind and a more cheerful heart,” says Global Credibility Expert Mitchell Levy.

Here are a couple of the powerful AHA messages you can share from this book:

– Life is all about the #journey and the destination is just a great excuse. Remember to enjoy your journey to a happier and healthier, loving life.

– The path to true happiness is always through a loving heart. #conditioning #unconditionallove

– The most important person to love is one’s self. People can only give what they have. To love another, one must first love one’s self. To appreciate another, one must first appreciate one’s self. #conditioning

– Fear can subside when people change their atmosphere. They are able to see opportunities because they are no longer focused on fear. #newmindset

– Catalysts propel people to find the courage to change their direction in life. This puts them on the #journey to appreciating themselves. One’s environment is a critical part of self-discovery.

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To achieve self-sufficiency in pulses Union Government formulates strategy for Kharif 2021

With an aim to attain self-sufficiency in the production of pulses, the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has formulated a special Kharif strategy for implementation in the ensuing Kharif 2021 season. Through consultations with the state governments, a detailed plan for both area expansion and productivity enhancement for Tur, Moong and Urad has been formulated. Under the strategy, utilising all the high yielding varieties (HYVs) of seeds that are available either with the Central Seed Agencies or in the States will be distributed free of costto increase area throughintercropping and sole crop.

For the coming Kharif 2021, it is proposed to distribute 20,27,318 (almost 10 times more seed mini kits than 2020-21) amounting to Rs. 82.01 crores. The total cost for these mini-kits will be borne by the Central Government to boost the production and productivity of tur, moong and urad. The following mini-kitswill be given;

  • 13,51,710 mini kits of arharcontaining certified seeds of HYVs of arharreleased during last ten years and productivity not less than 15 qtl/ha- for intercropping.
  • 4,73,295 mini kits of moong containing certified seeds ofHYVs of moong released during last ten years but productivity not less than 10 qtl/ha- for intercropping.
  • 93,805 mini kits of uradcontaining certified seeds of HYVs of uradreleased during last ten years but productivity not less than 10 qtl/ha- for intercropping.
  • 1,08,508 mini kits of urad containing certified seeds of uradHYVs of Urad released during last 15 years and productivity not less than 10 qtl/hafor Sole Crop.

The above mini-kits used for intercropping and urad sole crop will cover an area of 4.05 lakh hectare in the Kharif season 2021 to be funded by the Central Government. In addition to this, the usual programme of intercropping and area expansion by the states will continue on a sharing basis between the Centre and State.

  • Tur intercropping will be covered in 11 states and 187 districts. The states are Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh.
  • Moong intercropping will be covered in 9 states and 85 districts. The states are Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh.
  • Urad intercropping will be covered in 6 states in 60 districts. The states are Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh. Urad sole cropping will be covered in 6 states.

For effective implementation of the Kharif mini kit programme, a massive outreach with the concerned district will be held both through a series of webinars by the central government and state governments concerned to ensure that there are no hiccups.  District level training programmes during the crop season will be organized through the District Agriculture Office and the ATMA network for good agriculture practices and the use of new seeds in subsequent seasons as well. The Agricultural Technology Application Research Institutes(ATARIs) and KrishiVigyanKendras will also be roped in for effective implementation and training to the farmers.

 The mini kits will be supplied by the Central agencies/ state agencies to the destination at the district level approved under the strategy by 15th June, 2021 with the total cost of Rs 82.01 crores to be borne by the Central Government.India is still importing around 4 lakh tonnes of tur, 0.6 lakh tonnes of moong and around 3 lakh tonnes of urad for meeting its demand. The special programme will increase the production and productivity of the three pulses of Tur, Moong and Urad to a great extent and will play an important role in reducing the import burden and usher India to become Aatmanirbhar in the production of pulses.


From a meagre production of 14.76 million tonnes in 2007-08, the figure has now reached 24.42 million tonnes in 2020-2021 (2nd advance estimates) which is a phenomenal increase of65%. This success is largely attributed to several significant interventions at the central level.  The Government has consistently been focussing on bringing new areas under pulses along with ensuring that productivity is also increased in the existing areas under cultivation. Therefore, the production and productivity of pulses must be further sustained and increased through the approach of both horizontal and vertical expansion.

From the year 2014-15, there has been a renewed focus on increasing the production of pulses through enhancing the budgetary outlays, focussing on special programmes in the different states/seasons, special action plans in low productivity districts, targeting rice fallow areas, technology transfer through the increased front line and cluster demonstrations, diversified production approaches such as demonstrations on ridge-furrow, tur transplanting/ intercropping, tur on rice bunds, etc.Further, 119 of FPOs for pulses were also formed in11 states for value addition chain development and marketing.From 2016-17 onwards,under the National Food Security Mission, 644 districts have been included in the pulses programme.

However, the most significant input for increasing production and productivity has been the focus of providing quality seeds to the farmers. A major push towards this effort was made in 2016-17with the creation of 150 pulses seed hubs in 24 states, covering KrishiVigyanKendras in 97 districts, 46 State Agricultural Universities and 7 ICAR institutions to provide location-specific varieties and quality seed quantities. Alongwith thiseffort, Breeder Seed Production Centres’ infrastructure at 12 ICAR/SAU centres in 08 states was created for increasing Varietal Replacement and Seed Replacement.



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YouTube Promotions

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About the Company

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