Former Renaissance Ranch resident will take on the newly-created director position to focus on delivering quality treatment to men early in their recovery at the Utah-based sober living facility.

Renaissance Ranch is an award-winning facility in Utah that specializes in Christian-based treatment for men’s addiction and mental health issues. The Ranch is pleased to announce that former resident Colton Morgan will serve as the new Director of Outpatient and Sober Living.

“This position was created and tailored to Colton’s ability and skill set in working with men in early recovery,” said Tyson Dixon, Renaissance Ranch CEO. “He has been managing our sober living facilities for a few months and has absolutely revolutionized our structure and accountability platforms.”

Renaissance Ranch won the “Best of Utah” award for its faith-based treatment center, which is based on the 12-step recovery process. The ranch provides men with inpatient and outpatient treatment, both in-person and online, trauma-informed therapy, aftercare, and a lifetime alumni program.

Tyson struggled with drug abuse in his youth, as did his older brother Preston. After seeing the effect that treatment had in helping Preston turn his life around, Tyson attended Renaissance Ranch and was also able to find his way out of addiction. Later in life, the brothers and their parents purchased the Ranch to help other recovering addicts. Preston now serves as COO at Renaissance.

Most of the Ranch staff is in recovery with multiple years of sobriety. This gives them a special bond with their clients and enables them to tune in to their unique needs. As a former Ranch resident with many years of sobriety under his belt, Colton brings both empathy and mentorship to his new position. He also brings a strong background in sales, marketing, and event planning from former jobs, as well as experience as a certified personal trainer.

“He brings the perfect blend of understanding, due to being in recovery, and leadership because of his natural abilities and professional experience. Already, he has risen up as a leader and worked with our drug rehab staff to identify solutions to our clients’ complex issues,” said Preston.

In his director position, Colton will have new administrative responsibilities and recovery coaching duties to assist residents in their recovery goals and hold them accountable to high Ranch standards, according to Preston. Because all clients in the Ranch’s sober living program are also in the outpatient facility, it makes sense that he is involved closely there as well. “Colton is a massive force for good, and we are blessed he is with us,” said Tyon.

Renaissance Ranch was ranked among the best centers of its kind by Vista Research Group, Inc., a respected third-party service that evaluates treatment facilities. To learn more about the Ranch and the new role Colton will be playing there, visit or call 801-872-7201.

About Renaissance Ranch Treatment Centers

Renaissance Ranch is a Utah rehab center that uses a faith-based addiction recovery program by combining the traditional 12-Step approach to treatment combined with Gospel principles as they relate to alcohol and drug addiction. They are owned and operated by individuals who have been through the challenging road to recovery, but who have been made more whole and stronger by that very journey. Renaissance Ranch takes those who are at their lowest point and bring them into a program that gives them hope and a blueprint of how to grow and achieve their best selves.