810,000 people in the UK have lost their jobs since the pandemic hit the country in March, 2020. An additional 5 million remain in furlough.

Businesses, reeling under the pressures of pandemic lockdown, have laid-off workers to save their own future. While the situation looks bleak for now, businesses are hopeful of bouncing back with a vengeance once the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

A disproportionate number of unemployed will continue to find it challenging to find a job that matches their skill sets. So, what does this mean for them.

For one, it can mean an incredible blessing in disguise.

Everywhere, there’s ample evidence of businesses that survived, even thrived, under lockdown, thanks to their unconventional approach to business.

If you’ve long nurtured a dream of entrepreneurship, then utilize this opportunity to give those dreams wings. Let Photobooths.co.uk help you with some business ideas that you can explore now, right from your own home.

1. Health and Wellness Expert
COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for UK citizens to physically visit doctors. For them, telemedicine has been a godsend. Doctors are offering their services remotely over text, video chats and phone calls, thus ensuring timely care to patients.

But, it’s not just the doctors who can do this. Nutritionists, gym coaches, Pilates instructors, yoga tutors…the list goes on. People stuck at home are looking for online help to keep their health in top shape. Help them, and you have a booming business right there for yourself.

2. A Tutor
Parents are worried that their children are missing out on crucial learning continuity, despite virtual classes. And, they are looking for reputed tutors who can help maintain the learning momentum of their kids.

Depending on your skills, you can offer classes to high school students, primary students, or even college students. Explore your academic skills, be it in English, History, Maths, Physics, or any other subject of your choice. There are endless online tutoring solutions to help you jump right into the game.

3. Marketing Consultant
If you have a sound background in marketing and can help startups and small businesses launch, penetrate markets and grow skillfully, then this job can be right up your alley. Marketing consultants get hefty salaries because effective marketers are always in high demand. So, if you can build a decent portfolio, you’ll be a successful marketing consultant in no time at all.

4. Drop-shipping Business
Continuing from the previous point: if you’re good at something, why do it for someone else.

Put your marketing skills to the best use by launching a drop-shipping business. You buy niche products in bulk from a supplier, usually an offshore manufacturer, and sell them here in the UK. You can set up your shop on marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy, or launch your own online store. With a drop-shipping business, you outsource all logistics to your supplier, and you handle marketing, finance, customer support, and other areas.

5. Photobooth Hire Business
Photobooths are still a craze. Restaurants, cafes, event venues, photo studios, malls…they are everywhere. There’s a fast-growing section of people who love to host parties and offer robot photobooths, Magic Mirrors and Pods to their guests. They are fun, exciting, and amazing crowd-pullers.

Portable photobooths, featuring touchscreens, DLSR cameras, and other bells and whistles are becoming much more popular. They are easy to carry, and don’t take up much space, so your customers may carry them and return by themselves with ease.