Author Judy Catherine Moratis pens a delightful narrative about a miniature horse with a hilarious ending in “Teddy Get Off That Mountain.”

This is a story about a boy named Kory and Pancake, the cat. Kory, excited and wanted to feed the horses, eagerly put on his lime-green-colored jacket. As he walked going to the garage, he saw Pancake, the orange cat, tipped over a pail of corn and was all over the place. Kory gathered the corn by scooping it back in the pail. However, a strong breeze shut the door so loud. Kory decided not to panic. He tried opening the door but was locked. Even his attempt to shout for help from his mom and sister was unsuccessful. Looking around for a way out, he saw a window but realized it was too high. Then he found a tall three-legged chair. Kory climbed the chair and took a peek out the window. He saw Pancake, his orange cat hiding under his dad’s workbench. Luckily, his dad arrived and was able to help him. Kory then explained what happened as to why he got locked inside the garage. Hilarious events occurred during that day. 
This storybook is a great pick-up for any young reader who likes unique narratives. The illustrations here are clean and minimalistic, and easy for any child to follow. Having that said, the presentation of the concepts here can be easily understood. For any younglings who love horses and quirky pets, this is the perfect material. It’s short, entertaining, and funny. It will surely capture any kid’s curiosity. A great addition to any collection or any family library. Grab a copy today! 
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Teddy Get Off That Mountain
Author: Judy Catherine Moratis
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: March 2021
Genre: Children’s Book, Faith-based
Target Audience: Children, Family
About the Author
Judy Catherine Moratis is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She enjoys writing to uplift and inspire. She loves writing for kids with fun and adventure, especially about the adventure they’ve had with raising many miniature horse and animals. “Angel, And Love Came Down” was her first book, published in December 2014.