Have you ever earnestly wished for something only to have it taken away from you when you finally get it?
This question is explored in the story of Tim, an obedient and kind young boy. And we follow him as he searches for a way to keep him and his wish from being separated in a book that will undoubtedly tug at our heartstrings. Susan Graham welcomes us to “My Best Friend,” a wholesomely adorable book for kids and adults alike.
Tim got the best news of his life one morning. He was overjoyed when his father brought a dog named Mandy home from the shelter. Tim had always wanted a pet dog, and he instantly fell in love with Mandy. She seemed to have an endless supply of energy, and Tim absolutely loved her because of this. However, it, later on, became a problem. It seems like wherever Mandy goes, disaster follows. One day, Tim’s mother finally had enough and ultimately decided that Mandy had to go back to the shelter. Disheartened, Tim agreed reluctantly. It was until he thought of an idea that might work. So, Tim and his father set out to meet a person, that will be able to help them avoid a heartbreaking separation.
Will Tim’s idea work? Who are they going to meet?
The book showcases Graham’s illustrious career as an educator. Teaching elementary students had allowed her to write the book in a manner that’s conducive to reading and comprehension. Her word choice makes the book easy to read; and will greatly help children who are in the early stages of reading. Graham also creates a connection for both children and dog lovers. By making each scenario in the book relatable to children and dog owners, she succeeds in eliciting all of the appropriate emotions. The book also contains helpful advice on pet care and the importance of treating our furry family members with respect. To top it off, the book also comes with vivid illustrations and a lovely lesson.
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My Best Friend
Author: Susan Kendall Graham
Publisher: Xlibris US
Published Date: November 27, 2020
Book Genre: Children’s Book
About the Author:
Susan lives in Winter Park, FL, and has been an educator for over 30 years mostly with elementary students. As a small group reading teacher her interest in writing children’s books began. She is a mother of a daughter who lives in Winer Park, FL, and a son living in Sacramento, CA, and grandmother of two granddaughters and one grandson. She has read children’s books to her grandchildren through YouTube. Her hobbies are singing in the church choir, going to movies, and traveling to visit family and friends.