For some of us there is no life if we can’t be on the road. Its not merely traveling, it is the experience of so much beauty to behold and folks one can meet while enjoying the drive. I am not up for hitching rides, no I am an RV liver-at my age 71 I need creature comforts. I have been on the road for fourteen years and would hate to give it up, unfortunately health issues are getting in my way. They (doctors) tell me I have advanced cancer-what a pain.
What led me to see 29 states and 56 National Parks? Wonder! My wife (Pamela) of 24 years passed and I thought Jay why not? Before taking up the gypsy life I was a hairdresser, an organic farmer in the small town of Carpinteria CA, I was in the sales and marketing business in the trash hauling business, an antique dealer and now for the most part a full time writer, with 30 books under my belt.

Thing is being unwell and all my friends telling me I should be in a nursing home-to which my reply is- hell no I am going to let go in the woods-where I love so much.

Why am I writing this now, to encourage people to do what they love-no matter what we are all going to die, why not go out with love of life.
The most common question I get is where is your favorite place that you have been, everywhere I reply, but if I have to choose one -Glacier National Park is the cats meow.
Life seems to go by so fast, so please if you can take the opportunity – the road it’s the best way to live, just my opinion. Jay North
Jay North- no, not the child star can be reached at, 805-794-9126