In early June, a budding fashion retailer specializing in custom backpacks, bags, and personalized apparel for babies and kids expanded its featured collections by releasing a set of uniquely designed baby diaper backpacks that feature flags, nationality, and cultures around the globe. With such division and negativity increasing in different communities, Tiny Royals Brand seeks to squash the hate and to remind everyone that there is beauty and a pride that lies in diversity and recognizing our global melting pot. Education and open-mindedness leads to tolerance, inclusion, and equality. Representation and pride in one’s own culture helps to shape identity and opens up the conversation to unity, cultural embrace, and respect for those from other backgrounds. The Tiny Royal’s Brand philosophy is to create conversation-starting fashion pieces beginning with newborns. It is crucial to instill these values at an early age since children will become our future leaders.

The conscious backpacks are made of high grade, durable nylon, sporting a wide-open interior with many multi-functional zippers and pockets for convenient storage. These backpacks offer a sleek, comfortable and unisex design which are qualifiers for most parents. Most of the backpacks come with the option to personalize which is an added benefit.

To learn more about these custom options and to see what the shop is cooking up next, follow the shop on Instagram @TinyRoyalsBrand or visit the store online at