Chef Tania Lopez and the team at Coqui the Chef had to make the shift to all online classes for their Spanish cooking classes in the face of the pandemic. September will see live in-person instruction returning following all of the city’s health and safety rules.

There’s no doubt that the pandemic was a wildly disruptive force to both people’s lives and their businesses. For those that involved face to face contact, things came to a grinding halt and demanded either making major changes or hoping to wait the social and group contact restrictions out. New York City, New York’s one stop Spanish culinary experience Coqui the Chef felt this sting. Fortunately, ever motivated and never scared of hard work, Founder and Chief Culinary Instructor Chef Tania Lopez and her team were able to shift Coqui the Chef’s popular Spanish cooking classes online. The support has been remarkable. Now with NYC restrictions beginning to lift Chef Lopez has announced as Covid restrictions change for the better Coqui the Chef will be offering a hybrid of both online/offline cooking classes in September, 2021.

“When we saw this challenge we wanted to help spread positivity as much as possible,” commented Chef Lopez. “From our online classes, to revamping our website and messaging, to offering Authentic Paella products, so great paella could be more easily made at home, this was all part of our new mission to ‘Make Food your Passport’. We wanted people to feel that they can have a cultural experience in their home with family and friends. And feedback has told us this has been a big success.”

Chef Lopez is also the driving force behind an exciting new podcast “More Than Rice and Beans”, as well as being an in-demand resource for corporate clients where she has won praise for her skill and passion in teaching teambuilding, diversity and inclusion activities/cultural awareness training, or just providing the best happy hour the city could ask for.

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About Coqui the Chef

Coqui the Chef started shaking up the culinary backstage of The Bronx, New York in 2007. Founded by Tania Lopez, Coqui the Chef’s goal is to provide a different kind of a culinary experience for people in and beyond New York. Coqui the Chef has been helping thousands of people discover the Iberian cuisine and culture while learning to cook authentic recipes, getting a taste of Spanish, Puerto Rican, and Mexican traditions, and absorbing the importance of cultural food, history and music.