Dawan Hopson, stage name Kentucky Boy, is a man who grew up in the mean streets of Hopkinsville Kentucky. He started rapping and freestyling at the age of 10 in the lunchroom of his Hopkinsville grade School cafeteria. Although he never graduated from high school, he had always dreamed of becoming a rap superstar. Throughout Dawan’s life, he sold drugs, stayed in and out of jail, and has even been shot. You would assume that he was the typical rapper! But Mr. Hopson is now a changed man. In fact, he is a very talented music mogul, who has managed to follow his dreams. He even once toured with the multi-platinum selling rap group, Nappy Roots, as their opening act from 2004 to 2012.

Dawan even signed a record deal back in 2006 with Universal Music Group. He was indeed the total package in the Hip Hop industry. He created a strong fanbase, due to his reality-based songs about his struggles and triumphs. His dedication, and hot creative style set him apart from the competition. People could relate to his music because he made street anthems and songs for the underdogs. He was the first artist to create the phase “Act A Donkey,” which was a hit single. Dawan earned the title of Mr. ACT A DONKEY HIMSELF. How many artists today use that phrase?

Kentucky Boy isn’t an artist anymore, but he is honored to use all his years of experience in the music industry to help up and coming artists thrive. He teaches artists the importance of knowing and understanding the music industry so that they can be successful. And he has high hopes for the next generation of artists coming after him. Kentucky Boy Entertainment LLC is a music marketing and promotions company based out of Kentucky which is owned, ran, and operated by Dawan Hopson aka Kentucky Boy. His mission is to help develop, manage, and market independent artists by bridging the gap to a successful career.

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