Published by Wiley Publishing Company, Activate Your Money was inspired by Firpo’s encouraging mother, a series of women mentors, and the extensive community of women who preceded Firpo to pave the way for women in business. For the book, more than 150 women (as well as a few men) contributed as content experts and reviewers.

“I’m so honored to see Activate Your Money have such great traction in its introductory month, and I’m so grateful to everyone who made the book possible. I am excited to forward the vision of values-aligned investing,” said Firpo. “My book is designed to help catalyze a movement that will put people in control of their own money and help change the world by putting our collective economic strength behind the causes for which we are passionate, while still making a return.”

As the book inspires readers, Activate Your Money is also providing a community for values-aligned investors ready to take action. Through investment advisory, curricula, text, and investing clubs, intends to facilitate a movement of women activating their money nationwide and making a societal impact.

“After hearing Janine speak, tell her personal story, and explain her process of aligning her finances with her values, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of this book,” said Amazon reviewer Jennifer Risher. “I view this important book as a tool and a road map for me as I continue my own process of aligning my finances with my values.”

Throughout her diverse 35-year career, Firpo has held numerous high-profile positions such as deputy director for Financial Services for the Poor for The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a mobile banking expert for the International Finance Corporation, a director for the Hewlett-Packard Company, as well as at Apple early in her career. Firpo received her Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA, and her Master’s Degree from the University of Florida.

For more information about Firpo, please visit “Activate Your Money – Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World” is now available at most retailers.