Tara’s Tales – Rock: A Fable about Self Identity, a new book by Tara Stuart, has been released by RoseDog Books.

About the Author
Tara Stuart – Tara’s Tales touch the wonder and magical insight of children everywhere. In fables nature and animals weave the story. Tara Stuart is a teacher dedicated to learning and sharing the ways of bringing understanding and cooperation among people. She has taught in elementary and high schools and is a Professor of Communication Emeritus of the University Systems of New Hampshire USA. Tara has traveled the world, listening to people’s stories. Their stories are reflected in the universal themes of Tara’s Tales.

Philip Thomsen – I am a graphic designer/illustrator, with an Associate’s Degree in Art, from the Art Institute of Atlanta, Atlanta GA USA. I have been working as a graphic designer since 1983. My responsibilities include producing high-end marketing communications material via design primarily executed through the use of software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Quark Express and InDesign. Today I supervise a talented group of professional designers for a medical company based around the world. I loved working with Tara on this and many other of her fables, and would suggest you read all of her works available through Amazon.

Armagan Gonenil – Tara is a “Golden Citizen “exploring the Earth, meeting its people, sharing, observing, enjoying, and following the rules of nature, and contemplating on the wholeness of the universe. She focuses mostly on the humankind and its awareness of an inner sensitivity and a higher consciousness. Her tales have the capacity of reaching out to the soul of people of all ages in their own level of comprehension. In her never ending quest for the universal truth and the meaning of life, she is once again inspired by nature in her tale, Rock, to ponder the true meaning of inner self. The ingenious way she chooses to give examples of nature, with one another as well as within themselves is again revealed in this unique and enticing fable

Tara’s Tales – Rock: A Fable about Self Identity is a 54 -page paperback with a retail price of $25.00. The ISBN is 978-1-6366-1038-2. It was published by RoseDog Books of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information, or to request a review copy, please go to our virtual pressroom at http://dorrancepressroom.com/taras-tales-rock/ or our online bookstore at http://rosedogbookstore.com/taras-tales-rock-a-fable-about-self-identity/