Tiny Transitions, an award-winning baby sleep coaching firm, knows that being a sleep trainer and business expert are two different things. To fill an industry void, they are debuting a sleep consultant certification that helps graduates grow successful businesses.

When Courtney Zentz launched Tiny Transitions to help babies around the world sleep better, she had 12 years as a marketing executive under her belt, but not every sleep trainer has that advantage. To help sleep coaches succeed in scaling their businesses, Zentz is offering a first-ever certification program that combines both sleep coach training and an intensive course in entrepreneurship.

Tiny Transitions helps train infants and toddlers to sleep through the night so that families can function at their best. Zentz started the company six years ago after battling the exhaustion and disorder that came with a new baby who wouldn’t sleep through the night. Zentz’s company, which was named among the top sleep coaching businesses in the U.S. by Tuck, is now launching a sleep consultant certification program that stands out for its focus on business education.

“I’m not aware of any other course that sets sleep trainers up for success like we do,” said Zentz. “Most courses give you a sleep diploma and say, ‘good luck!’ We equip our consultants with a how-to for launching and scaling a business that is unparalleled in the industry.”

The course not only teaches all aspects of sleep coaching but also offers six months of training in business processes such as affiliate and referral systems, client management, insurance, contracts, and pricing. It also provides participants with hands-on training in marketing, to include social media marketing, content creation, podcasting, video editing, search engine optimization, and more.

The course offers a combination of live workshops, remote learning opportunities through self-paced interactive online videos, and live coaching and mentorship with Zentz. By opening up virtual learning options, Zentz said she can empower pediatric sleep coaches in any corner of the country or world to become the go-to expert on sleep in their area.

“Sleep challenges are a major problem for families, whether it be a newborn who wakes through the night, a toddler who engages the parent in nightly bedtime battles, or a teenager who is derailed by ‘screen’ distractions that are throwing off their sleep rhythms,” said Zentz. “If we have enough sleep consultants with viable businesses, we can address this problem on the needed scale.”

To learn more about Tiny Transitions’ sleep coaching services for families, or their sleep training/business certification program for aspiring sleep coaches, visit www.TinyTransitions.com.

About Tiny Transitions

Tiny Transitions aims to help families build healthy sleeping habits and restore order in their homes. They offer a completely unique approach to sleep coaching and sleep training.