Mom and 3-year-old create brightly-colored rainbow sensory bins – complete with a scroll that reveals a map to ‘Over the Rainbow Land’ and trinkets to stimulate touch, strengthen fine motor skills, and boost imagination

Touch a 'cloud' with rainbow sensory bin

Touch a ‘cloud’ with rainbow sensory bin

NEW YORKMay 16, 2021PRLog — A new rainbow sensory bin takes children on a colorful, touchable, mess-free adventure while strengthening fine motor skills and encouraging screen-free, imaginative play.

Children will dig past soft cotton balls, or ‘cumulus clouds,’ and sift through a blue rice ‘sky’ to find rainbow blocks, loose gems, a scroll that reveals a map (to color) of ‘Over the Rainbow Land’ and a golden-colored treasure chest. Inside the chest, kids will be surprised by a sparkly plastic ring, another gem, and the real treasure – a tiny book.

The sensory bins are the creation of 3-year-old Rosie and her mom, who run ROSIE READER, a website that reviews popular children’s books then creates free activities and printables for kids ages 3 to 5. While the rainbow sensory adventure is available for purchase ( for $14, each bottle holds a link to where anyone can go, even if they don’t purchase a bin, to download free rainbow activities. The rainbow PDF is free and includes additional maps to ‘Over the Rainbow Land,’ an I spy weather activity, a lightning tracing sheet, a dot to dot sun, and a color-by-number rainbow.

The clear plastic allows children to see what’s inside, creating a three dimensional I Spy bottle. The sound of the rice and the movement, is comforting and calming. Children and adults are able to easily pour the bin’s contents into their preferred container at home or onto a paper plate – which makes clean up quick and easy. The contents all fit back into the bottle for repeat play. When the unfurled map begins to wear, adults may print a new one for free, along with the other free activities, at

Sensory bin play holds many benefits, such as:

  • Sensory play encourages kids to use their different senses, like: touch, sight, sounds, taste, and/or smell to learn and explore.
  • Sensory play helps children learn to play together, socialize and talk.
  • Sensory play can also help to boost a child’s language development.
  • Sensory bins tend to be filled with different objects, offering an opportunity to discuss items.
  • Sensory play also helps kids with cognitive skills like sorting, counting, and categorizing.
  • Sensory play helps strengthen fine motor skills  when kids scoop, pour and grasp using their hands, fingers, and tools, which are the building blocks toward writing.


ROSIE READER is a website that creates reading adventures for children ages 3 to 5. For more information visit