Austin, TX, 13 May 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Innovation has long been a catalyst for birthing the most prominent companies globally, from companies like Amazon to silicon valley unicorns like Uber that change the way we live our lives forever. Meet Flashbrand, an innovative, self-funded, and profitable HR-Tech start-up revolutionizing employee development and wellbeing by using a people-centric approach and Artificial intelligence. Flashbrand is driven to facilitate the everyday employee, augmenting their customers with AI and helping them boost their skills and performance while improving their wellbeing at work. Denis Descause founded Flashbrand over five years ago after stacking up over 30 years of experience in the software and Tech industry; Denis started his career by researching AI in the late ’80s and has always looked to use technology to help people. Today he is the primary founder of Flashbrand and a well-seasoned expert in innovative tech after leading multiple executive roles in companies like SAP, BCG, and HP. This article will cover how the team at Flashbrand is revolutionizing the way employers approach employee development. 

Flashbrands Purpose and Mission 

Flashbrand’s core mission revolves around humanizing employee development: put the employee at the center and augment employees with AI to help them become better faster. 

Flashbrand is designed with the fundamental idea that employees are companies’ most

important assets, and it is becoming increasingly important to take great care of them.

So with that in mind, Flashbrand developed an innovative mobile and web application specifically designed for employees, providing a suite of functionalities like continuous feedback, instant e-learning, continuous and predictive performance management, employee engagement and wellbeing, and more recently, a pure AI driven personal coach.

Flashbrand identified coaching as a vital tool, but today most companies will only invest in coaching for a few top executives, so Flashbrand provides a solution accessible to everyone. They took on the challenge of democratizing executive coaching and providing personal digital coaching for all employees. Flashbrand has already deployed its solution to hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide in companies like TechnipFMC (oil & gas industry) and a few well-known companies like Louis Vuitton. 

The Team Behind the Innovation 

The team at Flashbrand is composed of experienced full-stack developers and AI experts who put all their investment into the product. Their unique approach has connected their clients directly to the developers behind the product; the feedback from this approach has been responsible for the company’s speed in innovation. The company believes leaders who receive direct feedback make up the top 15% of effective leaders globally, so this approach has been proven with the rate of growth Flashbrand has seen over the past few years. 

Flashbrands Edge in the Marketplace

The Unique edge Flashbrand brings to the marketplace extends farther than just being software that motivates employees. Through Years of research in human resources, AI, and psychology, they perfected a formula that provides a clear understanding of what influences employee motivation and performance. The two main drivers behind this formula are their employee-centric approach and, most importantly, Artificial Intelligence, the engine behind their coveted AICO.  

Employee-centric approach: Flashbrands solution is designed for employees where all traditional methods are directly aimed at executives, management, and anyone they deem more important to the system. For the first time, Flashbrand has created a tool that puts the employees in the driver seat of their development and performance, giving anyone the tools to improve if they choose to. 

 Artificial Intelligence:  AI has become such a crucial part of the company, with AI devolved solutions implemented everywhere in the application to help employees become the very best in their company. 

AICO is the Solution for Your Team 

Flashbrands pure AI private coach is a unique technology that democratizes executive coaching and gives access to real solutions for ALL employees with their development and wellbeing. AICO can engage in proactive discussion with employees and help them manage their stress better, facilitate their time, improve their performance, avoid workplace conflicts, and even be a crucial element in protecting their mental health and overall wellbeing. A new survey done by Oracle highlighted that 82% of employees believe robots can support their mental health better than humans and that 76% believe their company should be doing more to protect the mental health of their workforce, especially after the massive spike in mental health-related issues over the past year of lockdowns. AICO has systems in place to be a solution for these unprecedented problems our workforces face. 

On top of providing cutting technology accessible to everyone, Flashbrand has created multiple partnerships and took the initiative in more research with Psychology Research Centers to better validate all the scenarios included in their AI coach. Their goal is to help companies and management better manage employees during covid, post covid, and remote work scenarios. 

This drive towards innovation has already seen companies switch from SAP, Oracle, Cornerstone, or other HR software leaders to Flashbrand technology.

The Future for Flashbrand 

As the future for Flashbrand continues to be more promising, a few things remain certain. We can continue to expect excellence from the company with their investment of time, resources, and energy into AI and their product. As more companies add innovative solutions such as AICO to improve their employee performance and wellbeing, Flashbrand will continue to enrich AICO, their AI coach, with more scenarios and psychology. Finally, the team is growing faster than they had imagined and will be looking to expand operations and find the next wave of problem solvers across the United States and Germany over the next few years.