Based in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S. Shingle is a professional roof installation and repair company that offers residential and commercial services to the Birmingham area, Salt Lake City, UT, Boise, and ID.

Roofs are a critical part of any home. U.S. Shingle is pleased to provide Birmingham residents with roofing solutions. 

Roofs protect homes from storms, keeping their inhabitants safe and dry from harm. They provide a safe place, and what is in danger or affected by a weather event or other damage can be very stressful. This is where U.S Shingles steps in with their expertise and services. 

With over fifteen years of experience, the U.S. Shingles has the necessary knowledge and skills to take care of all roofing needs – from inspections to insurance claims to repairs and total roofing replacements in Birmingham. The company has the best prices for the best materials in Birmingham, Alabama, and surrounding areas. 

Whether it be inspections, insurance claims, repairs, or total replacements, U.S Shingles is a reliable and trusted provider for all roofing needs; clients can rest assured their rooves are in the best of hands when they choose U.S. Shingles. 

The U.S. Shingles team understands that a roof should be perfectly tailored to specific needs, wants, situations, and individual budgets. They consider this to create a roof that is perfect for every home. They are proudly family-owned and operated, BBB A+ rates, provide a ten-year no-leak guarantee, offer to finance, and are fully licensed and insured. 

U.S Shingles strives to make the residential roofing process of getting a better roof as straightforward as possible by working with their clients every step of the way. Simply starting with a scheduled appointment to assess the situation, they will provide the client with a quote to review. 

Roofing can be a significant expense, which is why the company proudly offers financing options to ensure all roofing needs are taken care of. 

Those looking for roofing companies in Birmingham are invited to learn more about U.S. Shingles and their residential and commercial roofing services for Birmingham residents by visiting their website at 

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About U.S. Shingle

U.S. Shingle is professional roof installations and repairs company that offers residential and commercial services to the Birmingham area, Salt Lake City, UT, Boise, ID