Malda, West Bengal, 11 May 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The pages of history, comes alive with music, especially, classical music, which indeed plays a significant role in capturing heritage, and the legacy of the same, for ages, one of which is ‘Hindustani Music’.

But if the classical music strike the right chords of aesthetics, even in present times, it is because, there’s still the young generation passionate about it, and doesn’t let the musical beat with ancient roots choke in silence, and noise, hostile to its existence. The Hindustani Music, in present times, surely finds greater meaning when synced with the trendy tastes of music. The responsibility taken by the young generation is indeed commendable, when it chooses the culture being revived in front of a large audience, and quality platforms.

And, Sadakat Aman Khan, belonging to ‘Patiala Gharana’, is one of the forerunners working towards it- bringing ‘Hindustani Music’ to a greater audience, homeland and beyond.

Born on 11 August 1997 to a family, having close association with music, musical instruments, and musical prodigies, for generations, Sadakat, who hails from Malda, West Bengal, frankly confesses that, as a child, he never quite appreciated being baptized, into music, so much such as to acknowledge ‘music flowing in the veins’. Trained first by his grandfather, ‘Sangeet Acharya Md Yunus Khan’ and later by his father, ‘Ustad Sahadat Rana Khan’, Sadakat slowly grew up to appreciate quality music, especially classical music, in adolescence, as early as age of 14. Music training led him to explore his instrument of choice, to dwell his music upon- The Harmonium. No wonder, in later days, Sadakat got his excellence to be popularly addressed as ‘Mr. Harmonium’. The young gentleman went on to perform on multiple occasions, and stages with viewership extending to millions of people, both nationally and internationally, noteworthy among which are ‘Whole Night Classical Concert organized by DD Bangla’ and ‘concert at Nanhua University, Taiwan in 2020 (international debut)’.

Presently, Sadakat is a noteworthy name associated with ‘Hindustani Music’ and with popular albums like ‘Alaap Volume 1, Wanderlust’ and is carrying the legacy of his family forward, with traditions, not compromised, but fused with the modern times and which can certainly live the popular public demand.