GOLDen Sessions with doc.Peace welcomes a new guest – Jillie Johnston. Johnston is a Worthiness Coach, Speaker, Joy Spreader, and podcast host of The Worthiness Mindset Podcast. She helps people all over the world see and cultivate their sense of self-worth to create a life that sets their soul on fire.

On May 12th, 2021 Johnston will be featured on GOLDen Sessions with doc.Peace sharing 5 Steps on How to Step into your Worthiness as a Wealth Magnet.

“You’ve always been enough to have anything you desire,” says Johnston. “Now it’s time to see it, find it, and claim it.”

GOLDen Sessions was designed by doc.Peace to:
– Connect transformation seekers and high-achievers
– Empower confidence of wellness experts to clearly define and align with their purpose
– Hold space for daring conversations about the pursuit of dreams
– Equip transformation seekers with knowledge and business strategies to make their success inevitable
– And much, much more

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