POUGHKEEPSIE, NY, May 02, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — April 15, 2021 Arumugam Sathasivam launched his new book “Job-Hop to the Top: A Career & Money Guide for College Graduates and Job Seekers of All Ages”, and it became a Best Seller.

This jam-packed guidebook is destined to become a job seeker’s career growth and money-making mentor. Instead of struggling to survive, you will be one of the few laughing…all the way to the bank. Career growth and financial freedom await the smart and deliberate use of the principles contained in this book.


An uncommon but easy method job seekers should be doing right now but aren’t.

Why women need to be more like men when applying for a job.

How to have the upper hand when negotiating for more money.

9 red flags indicating it’s time to look for work before you get laid-off.

4 Reasons to take, or decline, a job offer, no matter how good it sounds.

Written by an IT professional with over 25 years work experience in corporations large and small, with one goal in mind: to help you survive unexpected crises, become financially stable, retire sooner than later, and above all, excel at your job. Job-Hop to the Top is a must read for college graduates and job seekers of all ages for a reason: it makes dollars and sense!

In a recent interview on the Thriving Entrepreneur Radio Show, Arumugam Sathasivam said, “My goal is that everyone that is job seeking can take this book as a handbook and follow it so they can succeed. I have a lot of tips so they can make it happen!”

The host, Steve Kidd said, “Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the job seeking game for a while, Arumugam’s book is full of tips that will help you get the job you’re looking for, AND the pay you deserve! I encourage everyone to get his book on Amazon today!”

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Arumugam Sathasivam’s background includes more than 25 years working as an IT professional for technology, finance, banking, insurance, software, manufacturing and IT-related companies. He learned firsthand how ruthless corporations really are and created a plan that works to counterbalance their uncouth actions, advancing his career and profiting all along the way. His passion is sharing the elements that will completely alter your course while getting you back on course to make the rest of your life the best of your life, both personally and professionally. It all starts with financial stability, and he knows how to get you there.

Also Arumugam Sathasivam is an author of “Manathil Malarnthathu” another book in Tamil Poetry in Tamil Edition.