Ireland, 29th April 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Philosopher Konrad Kaplan has launched Project Indefinitely. This theory explains that immortality is possible by exploring ideas around self awareness,consciousness, cloning and rebirth.Konrad Kaplan is a philosopher, ideologist and author. He has written the book Archedox and has created the theory of immortality by the name of Project Indefinitely.

Project Indefinitely focuses on making immortality possible for people. Immortality is achievable through genetics. Human consciousness makes it possible for us to know that we are in fact alive.existence ends when this self awareness ends. This awareness is due to the genetic record. Reproduction of this record naturally is the process of birth and unnaturally is the process of cloning. By repeated reproduction of the genotype it is possible to live tackles like will our clone be similar to us or different since we have created it in our own life.but according to the author, as the process of cloning goes on indefinitely, it keeps on giving new life to the person.

Even though there are some obstacles like there cannot be two consciousnesses at the same time but the other consciousness can exist in the subconscious. He explains this concept with examples of dreams

“However, when our first consciousness ceases to exist, we can be aware of only our other consciousness because then it will be the only one. Is it possible to be aware of yourself not “here” and “now” where is our body? Yes, we do it in a dream. While sleeping, we are not aware of the real place and situation in which our body is located, and this means that we do not have to be aware only of the reality in which we are physically. Sleep is a proof that we are able to be aware of situations in which we have never been physically, even if dreams are only the power of our imagination that shows that our consciousness, despite being a physical feature, does not limit us only to realizing our physicality.”

This philosophy heavily leans on new scientific concepts as it explains that cloning humans to have the same consciousness as the first person that was cloned will result in the infinitely long life that is immortality of the initial person.

Rebirth of consciousness means that we have in fact managed to rebirth ourselves and our perceptions. The process of how perception occurs again depends on consciousness, which as has been explained above is recorded inside our genetic code which can be replicated through the process of cloning. How this is possible is clearly explained by the ongoing processes of birth and rebirth in nature like cells, of the skin and the liver and through this it is clearly explained how we may live on forever.

This theory asks radical questions and explains many yet unexplored ideas and goes a long way in demystifying the concept of Immortality. This theory has filled many gaps in the idea of why immorality may not only be a possibility but only a question of when.

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