As per the shared details, this solution is built by keeping the grievance management requirements of the smart cities catered by the company such as GMDA (Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority), Agra smart city, etc. in the mind.

“In the smart cities, the government keeps a helpline number for public grievance management. Citizens can call on that specific helpline number to share the concerns and queries they have. Alternatively, they can raise an issue via the mobile app or web app shared by the government. In any case, a centralized system is used to create the grievance ticket, also known as a support ticket. Once the grievance ticket is raised, it needs to be resolved within a specific time period. The grievance management system plays an important role here and that’s why we have built a comprehensive smart grievance management solution”, shared the spokesperson of the company

As per the shared details, enterprises with a similar need to manage customer, partner, or vendor grievances can use this grievance management solution.

The spokesperson of the company shared that, this smart system is made of two solutions:

1. Call center solution to manage calls coming to raise grievance issues. It can also be an omnichannel call center solution to send a support ticket number via SMS, email, or WhatsApp.

2. A help desk ticketing solution to raise, manage, track, and resolve tickets.

3. IP PBX solution to empower internal communication and collaboration.

As per the shared details, the launched grievance management solution works by following the below mentioned model:

• Citizens or customers call the helpline number. A call center solution is a prime system for conversation between the smart city or business and citizens or customers. The operator raises the ticket in the help desk ticketing solution. An SMS and email with the ticket number get sent to the person that raised the request or concern.

• The help desk ticketing system will automatically assign the ticket to the concerned department and engineer. It will also assign time within which the ticket needs to be resolved.

• If the ticket does not get resolved within the predefined time, the help desk ticketing system sends intimation to the concerned department and engineer as well as senior officials handling that department.

• At any point in time, customers and citizens can check the status of their raised tickets via the IVR system.

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