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Children’s author Dezi Shepperd has announced the debut of her new book, ‘Emery Jack the Copycat: A Story About Autistic Echoing’.

“My goal is to use literacy to combat the stigma of being a unique learner through writing beautiful stories children can enjoy,” said Shepperd.

Shepperd, who is neurodiverse, creates children’s stories that highlight people with learning differences with the hope that people can grow to understand and embrace who they are.

Her first children’s book ‘Cassidy and the Mixed Up Numbers’, an Amazon best seller, offers a story about a schoolgirl who overcomes her dyscalculia.

‘Emery Jack the Copycat’, the highly anticipated second title from Shepperd, tells a story about two little boys, Jace and Emery Jack, who meet while playing at the park. Emery Jack follows Jace around, making Jace skeptical about him. Readers can follow the boys to see if they become friends.

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About Dezi Shepperd

Dezi Shepperd is a children’s author whose books are designed to uplift and empower children with learning differences.