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Industry: Computer Software/Services

Cannesis Group LLC, announced a new marketing automation platform for businesses. Sendlio is a omni-channel marketing automation platform that offers a new way for businesses and marketing agencies to target and nurture audience members and clients. Using real-time data Sendlio empowers marketers and software developers to automate personalized messages to dynamic audiences over email, text and voice.

Atlanta, GA (PRUnderground) April 23rd, 2021

Sendlio founders Brandon Swift and Luis Gorfinkel are musicians from Atlanta, GA who, like many other service industry workers and entertainers, found themselves unemployed as the pandemic unfolded in 2020. Having a solid business relationship through music, they decided that last year would be as good a time as any to start a business together. They initially brought a couple of apps to market on the Shopify platform but hit a wall when it came to messaging their customers using Mailchimp and Klaviyo. They started looking around for alternatives, but found that most platforms with the functionality they sought were over $10k per month – which was more than some of their apps were generating at the time! The marketing platforms that were within budget lacked the advanced automation features and direct data connections they were looking for. So they decided to build the tool for themselves and Sendlio was born. Initially not available to the public, Sendlio is now open for business and accepting new users.

About Sendlio

Sendlio is an Omnichannel automated marketing platform, that gives marketers and businesses powerful audience analytics to create dynamic content and marketing campaigns.