Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) and unerry, inc. (unerry) are pleased to announce the recent signing of their agreement to form a capital and business alliance. MC is one of Japan’s leading trading companies, while unerry owns Beacon Bank, one of Japan?s largest platforms for managing behavioral big data and mobility analytics. Their alliance will focus on the application of these data to pursue a variety of businesses that fall within the scope of MC’s urban-development and city-management (smart-city) operations.

The Beacon Bank platform takes advantage of small, wireless transmitters known as beacons to facilitate location-based searching and interaction. By analyzing the big data gathered through the platform and building its own behavior-forecasting model unerry also provides distributors and retailers with a range of services, including advertising, sales promotions and advice on maximizing the store-front customer experience. The company’s initiatives extend even further to making existing businesses IoT compatible and to constructing or providing advice on new business models. A particular focus has been on smart cities and the MaaS* industry, where unerry has been analyzing people?s movements throughout different regions and commercial facilities. Customers are provided with recommendations and other information on products and places that are tailored to their individual preferences.

MC has been actively pursuing smart-city developments in Japan and ASEAN. By partnering with unerry, the sogo shosha is hoping to leverage the latter’s above mentioned mobility-and-behavioral analytics to enhance the services available in those cities. One of the main objectives is to build comfortable urban environments by making them more convenient for both their inhabitants and visitors alike. This would be accomplished by using the data in a number of ways, such as to disseminate information based on people?s characteristics and preferences, or to visualize where and when city spaces are likely to become congested. In this fashion, MC is confident that it can help to realize a sustainable model for contemporary urban developments.

Both unerry and MC are keen to grow their urban-development businesses in Japan and throughout ASEAN. Since 2016, the latter has been collaborating with one of Indonesia’s largest real-estate developers, Sinar Mas Land Ltd. (SML), for which it plans to offer solutions that could be applied to some of SML’s projects. Among them is the Bumi Serpong Damai smart-city project that covers roughly 6,000 hectares outside the Indonesian capital of Jakarta.

*Mobility as a Service

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