Rodeos had taken the country by storm during the ’80s when various Wild West shows presented cowboy tournaments around the United States. With its rising popularity and the creation of a committee that consists of promoters, contractors, and local committees, the rodeo was recognized as a legitimate and independent sport in 1910.
Leaping and bucking bulls, cowboys trying to hold on, and a dance performance from Native American bulls. Carolyn Foster presents one of the most exciting sports to everyone. In her book, “Easy 8: The Big Event,” Foster turns the spotlight toward one of the mightiest beasts in the world; bulls. In this unique and interesting Children’s book, parents and kids alike are introduced to the wild world of rodeos and bull riding.
The book is a very entertaining and well-illustrated masterpiece. It showcases a sport that’s not often heard of, and in effect, introduces diversity to children. Foster will guide every child’s imagination and immerse them into an exciting journey where bulls are introduced like rock stars. Aside from its exciting and entertaining content, Foster also inculcates certain qualities like perseverance, resilience, competitiveness, and a winning attitude. These qualities can take children further in life. She also paid homage to the beauty of nature. It teaches kids that even animals can also have their time in the spotlight and that they should be treated with care. The book also comes with beautiful, colored illustrations inside, and it helps create a more compelling story and makes it more understandable for children. Foster also wrote the book in a descriptive yet simplistic style and will certainly help out any child who is in the early stages of learning how to read.
The book will surely provide a lot of value, especially for a growing child. It helps build character while showing an educational facet by introducing an unconventional sport with a little bit of history.
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Easy 8: The Big Event
Author: Carrolyn Foster
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: July 2020
About the Author
Carrolyn Foster lives in a small rural town in Oklahoma. She is retired from the United States Postal Service. She and her husband raise a few cattle and have lived there for many years. They are active in their local FFA and 4-H programs. Their grandsons are active in showing sheep, archery, trap, and skeet shooting. They go to most of their events and support them. Writing children’s books has been a long-time desire for Carrolyn. She is finally getting the time to do so.