Have you remembered “Poor Richard’s Almanack” bring out by Benjamin Franklin in 1739? “Poor Richard’s Almanack” is the earliest content of all contents, was turned out as a yearly almanac.

The American inventor and also a statesman, publisher, who got quite good fame for his book. Yeah, content started its journey from a very elderly age. Okay, the content was significant and it’s still significant. In digital time among the digital marketing’s (known as online marketing, internet marketing, net marketing) top strategies content marketing is one of them.

In short, content is the building block of digital businesses. What is content? Content is a medium to describe any matter to the customer, it can be apropos of your product, your ministrations, your thoughts, educational or anything.

Type of Content Marketing

Content can mad of photos, videos, animations, writings another means. Hope you understand what exactly the content is. Okay, here comes content marketing, a type of marketing that imply the formation and portion of online material (can be social media posts, videos, audios, blogs, writings on any topics especially of products) that does not bluntly advance a brand but is deliberate to vivifying heed in its products or ministrations.

On the other side description content marketing is strategic marketing try to attract and retain an audience, obviously to bring profitable customer movement. Content marketing is a key block of building trust in anyone’s business.

Benefits of Content Marketing

No, not only building trust is content marketing benefit, content marketing generates leads and farm customer loyalty. Content is a medium of fatch customers know what they can expect from the brands and how they can get benefited by companies’ ministrations. Content is also denoted as what inside or included in something. An example of content is rice inside of a pot. An example of content is the equations inside the chemistry book. Online business success depends on the organic content of its website.

If you are an online marketer then you have heard about SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is a tactic to position your website on the first page of SERP (search engine result page). Do you know, SEO is also a process of making your content valuable so Google can trust your business? The content of a website is very woefully fastened with SEO. When you tell an SEO builder to SEO your website, the SEO expert first of all SEO process, starts to tour your content, do they contain the value or not, does it look delightful to attract customers or not. Hope you perceive the desirability of content marketing. Okay, let’s talk about content marketing’s welfare.

Content marketing conducts brand awareness, competitive advantage, website traffic, media visibility, leads and conversions, client engagement, and more. Let’s talk about the content marketing life cycle first of all we need to strategize (analyzing the audience’s interest to define a better content strategy) then you can begin planning on how you can create your content so unique. Now you produce what is defined to be worthy.

Now your other step is a promotion (knowing when, where, and how to issue your content. After your all effort you need to fulfill analyzing (discussing results and defining what to improve) and amplify (understanding the type of content to amplify to optimize ROI). For your better know ROI is Return Of Investment. Content marketing was the past of marketing and it is the presence of marketing and it’s going to be the future of marketing.

Let’s compare content marketing with other strategies of digital marketing, social media marketing: content marketing comers before social media strategy. PPC: for PPC to work, you need great content on it. Inbound marketing: content is key to driving inbound leads and traffic. Content strategy: Content strategy is an important part of most content marketing strategies.