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How you start your morning and really determine how the rest of your day goes. Some people are morning people while some are not, but everyone can get in the habit of having a healthy morning routine.

Having a healthy morning routine can be very beneficial for your health as well as having a productive day. Our tip for the morning is making your bed each day so that you feel like you have already accomplished something.

Everyone’s morning routine may look a little bit different. Some people prefer to start the day with a large cup of coffee, while others prefer a cup of tea. No matter how you start your morning it is always good to start with a few healthy habits to get into a good routine.

Continue reading to learn some habits for a healthy morning as well as some other tips.

Start Your Day Off Early

Early bird gets the worm. Waking up early has so many benefits for a healthy morning routine. Not only are you able to enjoy the beautiful morning sunrise, but you are able to get an early start on your goals for the day such as exercising or accomplishing some chores around the house.

Start Your Day Off on a Positive Note

Scientists have proved that starting your day off on a positive note and smiling will not only put you in a better mood that will make you more productive throughout your day. Smiling releases neurotransmitters, dopamine, and endorphins to your body that increase the levels of serotonin.

A few other things to add to your morning routine that can make it more positive include writing down your goals for the day or the week. Writing down these goals as soon as you wake up on a physical piece of paper it’s a great way to ensure you can accomplish these goals.

In addition to writing down your goals try telling yourself positive affirmations when you wake up. A few of these could include:

    • Today’s going to be a great day


    • I will accomplish….


    I am grateful for….

Make Your Bed Daily

Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project describes a simple way to have a healthy morning routine is to make your bed every morning. By taking this small and yet productive step you are starting your day off right.

Making your bed every morning checks off a small task of the day. Once you feel that you have accomplished one thing of the day it will motivate you to do another. Sometimes it is the smallest little things in your morning routine that can have the largest impact on the rest of your day.

Do a Stretching Routine

Adding a stretching routine to your morning will help loosen up your muscles while you were sleeping. When you increase your blood flow with a few yoga poses, this allows your mind and body to connect and prepare for the day you are going to embark on.

Along with stretching, adding meditation to your morning can improve your focus and reduce your stress. Meditation comes with a lot of health benefits that can improve your overall quality of life and day.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

You have probably heard this one a million times before, but we will say it again. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many people think that they can skip out on breakfast and still have a perfect day. However, when you skip breakfast you are losing lots of nutrients that your body needs to function.

Eating a healthy breakfast is one of the most important habits for a healthy morning. Not only will you be less hungry throughout the day, but you will have more energy, better focus, and more concentration.

Start With Water

While coffee is very important for some people to start their morning, so is water. Health experts recommend drinking about 2 liters or half a gallon of water a day. This is also known as the eight by eight rule.

Your body is constantly working even when you are sleeping. When you wake up your body has been deprived of the things that it needs to recharge for the day. Keeping yourself hydrated especially when you first wake up is a great way to fuel your body.

Create a Routine

Everyone has a different daily routine and it is so important to stick to that routine. Once you have established a healthy morning routine that becomes a lot easier to stick to this routine daily. You’ll soon see once you have developed a morning routine that your body will become adjusted to it and will thank you for taking such good care of it.

Take a Cold Shower

A great way to shock your body and wake up in the morning is hopping in a cold shower. This does not mean you need to keep the water cold the entire time, but shocking your body in the morning it’s a great way to wake yourself up.

Start a Journal

Journaling it’s a great way to organize all of your thoughts and goals. Journaling can be a great way to distress mentally. Taking 10 minutes to write your priorities on paper can be very therapeutic. This will also motivate you to want to complete these goals and write about them once they are accomplished.

If you are struggling to get yourself into a routine, do not stress too much about it. Developing a healthy morning routine takes time, but you will find something that works for you.