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A historic frost has ruined – even devastated – agricultural production over hundreds of thousands of hectares of farmland.

In view of these dramatic consequences, Carrefour is announcing a series of initiatives designed to support its 4000 partners involved in its Carrefour Quality Line, Reflets de France and Carrefour Bio products:

  • Carrefour is pledging to honour all of its commitments to work with its partner producers over three-year periods, thus guaranteeing them as much of an overview as possible over future seasons.
  • Carrefour is pledging to help its partner producers to recover as much of their produce as possible that was spared by the frost – even if it is damaged – by adapting its requirements, particularly regarding the appearance of fruit and vegetables.
  • Carrefour is pledging to reduce payment terms so as to ease any cash flow issues that those of its partner producers who are the most affected may be experiencing.
  • Given the significant agricultural losses, Carrefour is renewing and bolstering its commitment to purchasing products of French origin. Carrefour will be giving priority to selling products of French origin on all of its shelves throughout the season.

“To help our farmers through the trials that they are currently experiencing, Carrefour is standing shoulder to shoulder with them and will support them in the long run. Our responsibility is to be their partner – whatever the circumstances!” said Rami Baitieh, Executive Director of Carrefour France.