Surge Automated is inviting a limited number of marijuana dispensaries nationwide to join an exclusive invitation-only pilot program. This project will allow participants to use the Surge Verify ID and Age SaaS solution, a ground-breaking digital ID and Age validation product. This innovative technology is proven to reduce fraud and unattended transaction risks, speed up transactions, and establish an auditable delivery chain of custody. Digitally verifying identity and age will drive industry credibility and growth while removing underage accessibility risks and associated costs. The participatory limits of this pilot project will allow for accelerated three-month completion of the value-added integration into POS, e-commerce, and delivery workflows.

The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) has established the industry’s most stringent standards. According to president Joseph C. Long, “We have successfully obtained the MED’s approval of our technology and applicability for any unattended digital age and identity verification. The next step is to obtain formal acceptance through this pilot with selected licensees.” Cannabis companies dealing with increased regulatory scrutiny face increased fines, underage violations, loss of license, and the potential for more serious charges as a result of fraudulent ID use. Mr. Long also notes, “This technology is capable of validating that the delivery recipient and ordering person are the same, in compliance with CRS 3-615(E).”

This digital application provides a leading-edge solution to protect both consumers and cannabis companies. A new wave of prohibitionists and public scrutiny is gaining momentum, and the opportunities to create alarm and fear are growing. The benefits of the ground-breaking Surge Verify ID and Age SaaS solution include:

Reduced risks of cyber hacks and lawsuits

Eliminates the need to store customer’s personal information

Guaranteed compliance to eliminate human error

Reduced costs and financial risk

This system uses anonymous and dual-key biometric identity validation and age verification, so no time-consuming log-in or passwords are required, nor is personal identifying information stored.

About Surge Automated, Inc.: Surge Automated is changing the way people buy age-restricted products. Founded to address privacy, security, retail efficiency, and consumer experience in this arena, Surge Automated brings decades of experience to providing increased protections for consumers and businesses against personal information exposure and transaction fraud. They have based their Identity and Age Verification solution on expertise in highly secure, regulated digital commerce, consumer behavior, and technical user experience. They have achieved this while establishing “know your customer” (KYC) regulatory leadership.