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Lamar Odom and Savvy Girl Consulting have added the Editor In Chief of Alpha Magazines, Luciano Layne as a talent manager to their team. This comes after Odom was allegedly spotted doing a photoshoot with one of the photographers for the publication newly released on newsstands. Layne has gained the professional trust of entertainers through his magazine such as: The Weeknd, Megan Good, Adrienne Bailon Houghton, and more! Layne has even brought in some celebrities to his own team such as Deborah Cox (Executive Director) and Vanessa Simmons (Vice President).

The magazine Chief was hesitant on accepting the position with Savvy Girl Consulting due to his position with the publication. However, Layne recalls not being a stranger to talent management positions, he only took on clients with “great energy” which he believes Odom matches.  Layne states, “He (Odom) is naturally giving and kind, the energy he exudes is the main reason I agreed to work with him…”. Layne continues, “I grew up watching Lamar, and now I am being trusted to manage his team. It’s an incredible opportunity.”. Luciano assures us that we  will be seeing more of Lamar Odom this year. 

About Alpha Magazines

Alpha Magazines began as a men’s quarterly. Envisioned in 201 by Founder and Editor In Chief, Luciano Layne. Layne’s dream came to fruition in 2019, and continued to mold its self as the publication people see today. No longer an exclusively male magazine, Alpha high end, artistic, and editorial photography of pristine quality. In Alpha you will experience a sophisticated look with a modern layout and content centered on empowering the reader.