AVA is the new textbot that is currently trending owing to the amazing set of services that they are offering. She works like an excellent virtual assistant and has been designed to carry forward the conversations with anyone she connects with.

She is so programmed that she can humanly converse with the leads in the best possible manner and as soon as something worthwhile happens, she immediately notifies the person and lets them know of the details and thereby serves the need. 

Not only this, she will also automatically follow the leads and carry out subsequent conversations with them and even suggest websites they need to head to and thereby follow up in the right manner. This technique is pretty revolutionary and thereby has been creating quite a lot of buzz. 

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, “We are very thrilled and pumped up about this whole AI conversation thing. There are so many people who are getting hooked to technology and therefore this use of text bot is gaining a lot of prominence in today’s times. We believe that in the times to come, it will also emerge as a more popular choice.”

This AI bot has tremendous powers and it makes smart use of the modern day technology. Technology has become smart enough to allow people to utilise it in a human way and therefore make the most out of it. In the fast paced life, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of the umpteen conversations that could in fact generate a solid lead. Having this text bot that can imitate human like conversations thereby comes across as a great blessing.

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AVA is the new platform that works as a text bot and can therefore make human like conversations and generate leads which in turn can be useful for the sake of finding the right ways to make sales as well

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