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(APRIL 10, 2021): High popularity of the dance / pop tracks are inspiring the artists to experiment with the different genre and infuse them in the Pop tunes and beats. The result is purely awesome with the Pop lovers enjoying every bit of the songs. The reach of the pop songs is quite wide and that is why more and more pop artists are getting inspired to come up with extraordinary results. Enoka is one of these artists who has proven her magic in the world of Pop and is still coming up with more. Her brilliance is now on almost every news platform.


She has released her single “I’m Alive” which is quite captivating in every respect. She is the songwriter with ample talent in the Pop genre and this track that she has released is full of energy, which the writers can feel. Surely this is the kind of song that will make them groove with the beats and make them feel the vibes of Pop music. The song is an ultimate journey to different parts of pop music.  There Enoka shows the versatility that she has in the assimilation of nostalgic pop style with the electronic vibes. The emotions of her voice and the perfect arrangement of instruments make the right match in offering her must listen track.


About Enoka:

She is a Pop singer who has come up with her recent track “I’m Alive”. The song shows her brilliance and perfection in her voice and presentation. “I’m Alive” comes for all on all the digital streaming platforms on April 9th.


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