PM Narendra Modi on 8th September Tuesday radiated assurance that India will improve its current clean energy capacity of 134 GW to 220 GW by 2022 and emphasized decreasing taxes further through technological improvements.

Our PM was supposed to address the inaugural speech at the World Solar Technology Summit organized by the International Solar Alliance (ISA) but could not do so due to unusual other responsibilities. Current Renewable Energy Minister RK Singh stated Modi’s word at the virtual summit. “We have scaled up our non-fossil fuel-based production to 134 GW, which is about 35 percent of our entire power generation. We are sure about rising it to 220 GW by 2022,” Singh said, explaining the PM’s letter.

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Modi also spoke “Technology holds the key to scale up the use of solar energy. Technological advancements have already taken about a significant discount in the price of solar power. An additional reduction in the expense will provide a major hike to the use and expansion of renewable energy,”.  Know more about the best solar panel company from our website. 

With asserting the ‘One World, One Sun, One Grid’ project aimed at clean energy supplies across nations and that ISA is a part of this project that will bring immense benefits to the entire humankind. And our government wants solar energy to reach all villages all over the country by replacing diesel with clean sources in the farm area. 

Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan at the event announced that our management is actively promoting the industry, oil and gas companies precisely, to suit associates in this change to solar energy. “Our oil and gas companies are also making efforts to use solar panels beyond the value chain of their operations, and current fixed solar power capacity is 270 MW.

The Prime minister additionally said Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), and GAIL (India) Limited will also be a part by contributing to ISA’s collection fund.

This clears the plan of how Solar energy is worth the advanced development in India to have 220 GW renewable energy capacity by 2022.