Hongkong Post to issue “Local Snacks in Hong Kong” special stamps (with photos)


     Hong Kong offers worldwide delicacies for foodies to savour. But to get a real taste of the food culture of the city, it is best to try a wide variety of local snacks. Hongkong Post will launch a set of six stamps and a stamp sheetlet on April 22 (Thursday), under the theme of “Local Snacks in Hong Kong”, featuring an array of the appetising favourites.
     The set of special stamps depicts six traditional delicacies, golden and springy fishballs with a tangy taste; delicious candy and coconut wrap that is crunchy and aromatic; tasty stuffed three treasures with a slightly burnt fragrance; buttered pineapple bun with contrasting and unique flavours; mouth-watering stewed skewers that are fresh and juicy; and nutty, treacly and chewy peanut candies, which are popular among all generations. The stamp sheetlet showcases five other delectable local snacks, silky smooth steamed rice rolls with soy sauce, sweet paste, sesame sauce and chili sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds; velvety tofu pudding with a strong soy aroma; maltose crackers with gummy maltose, not overly sweet, and crunchy crackers; soft and mushy steamed rice pudding with boiled red beans; and egg waffle, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside that leaves a strong aftertaste.
     The stamp designer adopted a simple and realistic style in recreating the various delicacies on the stamps with bright and vivid colours. Moreover, the stamps and stamp sheetlet are specially printed with an embossing technique that creates a stunningly three-dimensional effect for the snacks, as if putting them close at hand, allowing viewers to feast one’s eyes on a veritable banquet of local delicacies.
     Among the philatelic products in this issue, the most captivating must be the presentation pack, which is modelled on a pack of egg waffles. Unique and creative in appearance, the presentation pack is ingeniously designed with an element of a brown paper bag in a retro style, adding a touch of nostalgia. A collector card will also be launched at this time. The card is affixed with a set of six self-adhesive stamps. A fresh yet basic colour theme is used to highlight the exquisite stamp images, enabling everyone to recall these popular local snacks full of collective memories. In the mini-pane, two sets of stamps are arranged in a wavy design to create an aesthetically ordered pattern adorned with illustrations of a variety of nostalgic tableware and the iconic velvety smooth and fragrant Hong Kong-style milk tea, highlighting the theme of the stamp issue.
     Starting from April 22, this set of special stamps and associated philatelic products: a first day cover, mint stamps, a stamp sheetlet, a mini-pane, a presentation pack, a collector card and serviced first day covers will be placed on sale at post offices.
     Information about this special stamp issue and associated philatelic products are available on the Hongkong Post Stamps website (stamps.hongkongpost.hk) or the Hongkong Post mobile app.