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A young musician from Boston, Massachusetts, Alex Costova is a multifaceted artist who is an upcoming singer, songwriter, composer, and pianist. His primary instrument being Piano, Alex knows how to use his skills to sway his fans off their feet with his upbeat music and free-flowing lyrics. With his hard work and passion for making unique music, this talented musician is rapidly paving his way through the music industry.

Alex has been inspired to make music ever since he was a little kid. Telling about how he got into music, Alex says, “When I was 8 years old, I watched a movie with my mom & dad called “Chariots of Fire “. The thing I noticed the most was the music; the beautiful theme by “Vangelis”. I instantly tried playing that song on my mother’s piano shortly after.” He adds, “As I grew up around 2007 my freshman year of high school, I discovered bands called, “Angels & Airwaves & Owl City”. Those 3 bands were my biggest inspirations.”

Alex is a self-taught artist who has been honing his craft by himself for several years. Even though he has exceptional music-making abilities, it wasn’t until 2018 that he decided to enter the music game for good. In 2018, he recorded his first-ever professional single in a proper recording studio and there has been no turning back for him ever since. He has put out 9 astounding tracks since that day, which have earned him massive reception from fans worldwide.

Alex’s music style is Progressive Pop. He uses electronic synth layers mixed with a classic piano and soothing string, all behind a club beat. A big fan of instrumental movie scores, Alex has made many movie scoring type instrumentals as well.

Alex is an inspiration to many upcoming artists who wants to leave a mark in the music world. He not only did build his career from the scratch within 2 years but also created a legacy for himself. His dedication has earned him over 100k streams on leading music platforms.

Alex is currently working on a project with a new artist, Jamara Law, who comes from a chorus background. They are together working on a track called “On My Way”. “This song represents resistance and motivation & conquering fears in a positive way. We are “On Our Way” to success & goals & dreams and never backing down with all the noise”, he says.

Alex urges his fans to stay tuned for the more amazing music that is on its way!

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