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designed for airline passengers to help them combat their fear of flying and turbulence. This innovative and revolutionary app offers fear of flying programs and help for the millions of travelers worldwide who become anxious and fearful of flying, as well as provides the most accurate and real time weather conditions based upon a traveler’s flight. The classes offered on the MyFlight Forecast™app take only 21 days to complete and offer ten years of fear of flying experience designed by renowned professional pilot, Captain Tim Griffin. In addition to the classes and weather conditions, the app provides users with information on potential flight and airport delays, route specific turbulence forecasts, and a nationwide turbulence index. MyFlight Forecast™app is free on the Apple app store.

“I’m thrilled to provide 10 years’ worth of Fear of Flying experience, over the course of 21 days with the Flight21 program on MyFlight Forecast™” said Captain Timothy Griffin, Founder, FlyHome and MyFlight Forecast™ . This app is simple and easy to use and will provide comfort to users whether they have a fear of flying or not.”

The MyFlight Forecast™ app is easy to use with high quality graphics that provide the user with the best experience possible. Unlike other apps that report the weather, this app gives you the same information that your pilot is receiving in real time in a simple and easy way to read it. Users of the app praise the ease in which they can operate it and most importantly the classes and help it provides to alleviate the fear of flying.