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The agenda is here –

You can register to view online via (free) Zoom here –

New speakers include: Gennaro D’urso of Genetic Networks LLC, Scott Absher, of ShiftPixy, Sandra Familet of CFL Family Office and Candice Beaumont of L Investments and Salsano Group.

Other speakers include Alan Snyder of Shinnecock Partners, Anthony Emtman of Ikigai Asset Management one of the best performing crypto hedge funds in the world, outperforming Bitcoin’s returns, Milt Vescovacci of Gunster, and we have a great set of speakers who are active SPAC sponsors and LPs including: Steven Fletcher of Apex Technology Acquisition Corp, Stephen Cannon of SPAC Partners LLC and Irv Schlussel of IngleSea Capital. Other speakers are listed below the signature.

There is an outdoor reception for family offices, institutional investors and sponsors following the forum.

About IvyFON:

IvyFON is a leading provider of forums for institutional investors and family offices. More than 3,000 people have attended our events since April, 2020 during the pandemic. We have had more than 50,000 attendees at our events with more than 4,500 speakers since 2001.