“This book is about a variety of individual wild animals and even some birds, caught yawning. Describes a few facts about each animal, where it lives, and if it is an endangered species. Also included is some information on why some animals yawn, such as when they feel stressed.”

This valuable and highly educational picture book instills a healthy sense of curiosity in the minds of young readers towards the amazing animals that are featured in here. It is based on the primal act of yawning, which has many implications in the animal kingdom and in the wild. Karen Rigby of the Clarion Book Review, who gave the book a four out of five-star rating, she left a comment saying:
“The multilevel text includes a green bar at the top that designates a simpler storyline for toddlers to follow, while its main body is aimed at six to ten-year-olds, making it an adaptable addition to home libraries.”
On the Kirkus Review, more positive praise about the book follows, an excerpt of which reads:
“Animals yawn for different reasons, and some animals ‘catch’ each other’s yawn, just like humans do. On each page, Geigert offers an entry from the animal’s point of view and one photograph”, as the review continued to say: “Geigert’s yawning photographs are fantastic.”
The Blue Ink Review is quoted to have said positive things about the book and the author as well, such as the following.
“Thirty-two animals are depicted in ‘Who’s Yawning Now?’ A book designed for both early and more advanced readers. The author includes popular species (impala, hippopotamus, etc.), as well as those less familiar “Tenrec of Madagascar.”
The review proceeds to say: “The longer sections offer similar information, including comments about the animal’s diet, geographic footprint, physical description, and behavioral features. They are conversational and deliver fun tidbits.”
Overall, the book “Who’s Yawning Now?” by Nicki Geigert is a well-rounded, well-received, and critically-acclaimed educational book for kids that is highly recommendable for all to read. Support Nicki’s book by purchasing a copy of it on Amazon here at https://www.amazon.com/Whos-Yawning-Now-Nicki-Geigert/dp/195177583X or on her personal website https://www.nickigeigertbooks.com/.

Nicki Geigert – Who’s Yawning Now?
ISBN-10: 195177583X
ISBN-13: 978-1951775834
Book Genre: Children’s Book / Educational / Wildlife    
Publisher: ReadersMagnet LLC (August 18, 2020)
Paperback price: $12.00
Hardcover price: $12.39
Kindle price: $2.99
About the Author
Nicki Geigert is a wildlife, landscape photographer and travel writer. She has photographed on all seven continents and her work has been featured in gallery shows, Fodor’s travel guides, and coffee table books. Her goal has been to capture wildlife in their natural habitats and tell their stories. When Nicki discovered that all animals yawn, just as people do, she began to document those occasions. In doing so, she has put together a very extensive library of animals caught yawning. This book shows you just a few of those animals, their habitat, where the particular animal lives, and something about that animal. Please enjoy the book and try not to yawn. After all, yawning is contagious.
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