Fine Art Shippers, a family-operated art shipping company based in New York, has announced the next consolidated art shuttle going from Chicago to the East Coast of the United States. The shuttle will leave Illinois on April 4, heading to New York City, with stops along the route. It is designed specifically to ship fine and decorative art, antiques, glass, porcelain, fine furniture pieces, and other delicate and fragile items that require extra care and attention to detail in transit. Fine Art Shippers also offers professional art packing and art crating services to meet any need.

With over 25 years of experience, Fine Art Shippers has handled a wide range of fine artwork and antiques, from Old Master paintings and fine art prints by some of the world’s most renowned artists to museum exhibits and priceless antiquities. The company is known for providing exceptional art services tailored to meet the packing and shipping requirements of artists, auction houses, art galleries, museums, and private collectors. Headquartered in New York, Fine Art Shippers operates all over the country, including the most remote areas like the Hawaiian Islands in the North Pacific Ocean and the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea.

A consolidated art shuttle service is one of the most popular art shipping services offered by Fine Art Shippers. Covering almost the entire contiguous United States, art shuttles connect the East Coast with the West Coast, the Southern States with the Central States and the Midwest, New England with the Mountain States. The next Fine Art Shippers art shuttle scheduled for April 4 will go from Chicago to New York, delivering valuables and collectibles from the American Midwest to the East Coast.

The upcoming art shuttle will start its route in Chicago after picking up artworks from art businesses and individuals in the city and suburbs. On its way to New York, the truck will pass through Cleveland in Ohio where it will be able to make a stop if required. Any deviations from the route can also be discussed. For example, Fine Art Shippers can go to Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia to pick up or deliver artwork if needed. After arriving in New York, the company will make deliveries to all five boroughs of the city. Art delivery service to the nearby cities and states is available on request.

Fine Art Shippers has been providing art shipping services since 1995 and knows how to handle artwork of any kind. Be it an oil painting or a glass sculpture, this team of art logistics experts will ensure it arrives at the destination in one piece. For more information and shuttle details, please visit Fine Art Shippers website or contact the company directly.

About Fine Art Shippers

Fine Art Shippers is a professional fine art shipping company headquartered in New York City. Established in 1995, we have grown to provide a wide range of art and antique moving services to meet the needs of the art community and private collectors from around the world. Our expertise includes but is not limited to luxury home moving, art packing and crating, art storage, white glove art courier service, art installation, antique furniture moving, international transportation, and gallery exhibition services. We operate across the United States and worldwide, making Fine Art Shippers the number one choice for many reputable art business professionals and institutions. Find more information about our team of dedicated art shippers on our website.