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Round Group Entertainment cast for new series, Love @ First Site, shed light on their experience filming together, how they relate to their characters, and thoughts on adding Jay Reeves onto the team during an interview. The series is about Julian (played by Ronald Trujillo), now 25, who moves to LA for work where he happens to run into his good friend and former love interest, Carmen (Nyanda Wazaro) who he’s lost touch with since graduation. Carmen takes him on a deeper journey through online dating as well as a new sense of self-discovery. The cast includes Nyanda Wazaro, Ronald Gonzales-Trujillo, Giovana Silva, Matthew Tarricone, Bernadette Zimmerman, and Vanessa Zimmerman.

Interview with cast

When asked what made the cast want to join, Nyanda revealed that she liked that the process was virtually interactive and transparent. “Things were very scary last summer because of Covid-19 which is when I auditioned, so I really enjoyed having an electronic audition because it was nice and safe”, revealed Ronald. Bernadette stated that she loved the script when it was revealed to her because of how comedic it was with a hint of drama. Vanessa said that she loves how well everyone fits into their character and how they’ve been able to build chemistry with one another. Gioavana expressed how important it was for her and the cast to get along and how glad she is to be friends with everyone. Matthew said that he agreed and shared gratitude towards the production company. Matthew said, “ I love how good it feels to be with the cast and how the [production] team allows us all to pitch in ideas to add more emotion. The cast also did not shy away from discussing how they can relate to their characters. Giovana said that she knew she’d be able to properly act the role because of her dating life and experiences with men living in Los Angeles. Matthew said that his character reminds him of his early dating life, so it feels like a time capsule. The cast said they were happy to have Jay Reeves on the team. “It’s a blessing to have someone who has more experience in the industry join our cast”.

Interview with Jay Reeves

How do you feel about joining the series as the Executive producer? I feel great. I’m excited to help fresh projects and fresh minds – so if I’m able to help do that, I’m glad.

How do you feel about the series? What are you most excited about being a part of this project? I’m excited to see how the story will evolve on screen. There’s a few things that can happen with dead scripts, but when you add emotion to it, it will blossom

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Led by rising Hollywood producers & executives James Knox and Maurice Jones, in partnership with parent company Round Group Entertainment, RGE Productions is a first-of-its-kind independent TV production and branded content company, producing episodic scripted and unscripted series across television and digital platforms, compelling content for brand clients, and its own operated platforms. We connect to our audience with a credibility that has yielded unprecedented success.

​RGE Productions is on its way to achieving unprecedented success with five films on their slate through 2020-2021, and one of the most soon to be successful romantic comedies series , Love at First Site. Our unique understanding of the New American Mainstream audience will only continue to result in success that outpaces the industry by record margins.