Georgia small business owner, Cole Torres, recently joined a small group of YouTubers attempting to share their personal experiences receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. These creators are sharing their experiences in order to provide people with more accurate and practical information about what to expect and to encourage others to go get vaccinated against COVID-19. The video can be found here.

Cole received the vaccine and provided commentary about the experience, including an honest report on his personal side effects, a few days after receiving the 2nd dose. While many of the creators are providing a medical provider’s perspective, Cole tries to provide the perspective of just an ordinary person relaying his experience, along with his unique brash, comedic style.

It is important to note that Cole admits in his video that the story told is not, and should not be taken as, medical advice. It is important to consult with your own healthcare provider on all medical decisions.

As a business owner and a social activist, Cole is motivated to help others get vaccinated and become comfortable receiving the vaccine. Doing his part in helping us stay health as a society was the primary motivation for publishing his personal account.

While we enjoy Cole’s perspective, we recognize and applaud the other creators for publishing their experiences as well. We particularly enjoyed the video published by Dr Mike Hansen, found here.

Cole is the owner of 2 Georgia based small businesses and uses YouTube to teach others about technology, business, digital privacy and to provide positive social commentary and education to his viewers in a fun, entertaining style. You can subscribe to his channel to be notified of future content.

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