Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme monthly threshold relaxation further extended and monthly subsidy cap increased till December 31


     The Transport Department (TD) today (March 30) reminded members of the public that the temporary measure to relax the monthly transport expenses threshold of the Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme from $400 to $200 will be extended till December 31, and the monthly subsidy cap will also be temporarily increased from $400 to $500 from April 1 to December 31.
     To allow more commuters to benefit from the Scheme during the epidemic, the Government has implemented a special measure to temporarily relax the monthly threshold of the Scheme from $400 to $200 from July 2020 to June this year. The Government has decided to extend the aforementioned special measure for another six months till end of this year, and temporarily increase the monthly subsidy cap from $400 to $500 from April to end of this year. In other words, during the period from April 1 to December 31, the Government will provide a subsidy amounting to one-third of the actual public transport expenses in excess of $200, subject to a maximum of $500 per month for each Octopus.
     The TD reminded commuters that they can collect the subsidy of the previous month from the 16th of each month. The subsidy for each month is valid for collection within the next three months.
     For details of the Scheme, please visit the website ( Commuters can also check their record of public transport expenses and subsidy amount through the Octopus App or the Scheme hotline 2969 5500.