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The Internet marketing experts at MORBiZ have released a new blog that teaches business owners how to improve web presence in three steps. Building up a web presence is no easy task, but carving out your corner of the Internet with a website and social media channels is a great start. However, that’s really just the beginning. To boost web visibility and to improve your chances of being found via search, the following action items should be completed by any small business. To read the full blog, visit

Create a Short Marketing Video
…Consider creating a simple video slideshow or shooting video with a smartphone. Add a nice voiceover and voila! By uploading your new video to YouTube and using search friendly terms in the title, description and tags, you’ll instantly increase your chances of being found on Google search. Why? Google owns YouTube and it favors video results!

Clean Up Directory Listings
…Performing a directory clean up, which involves checking and correcting info as necessary across more than two dozen of these directory sites, will build trust with search engines and consumers. Additionally, your listing will be accurate! Wrong info could prevent a potential customer that does find an auto generated listing from ever getting in contact with you!

Evaluate & Refresh Onsite SEO
…Enhancing SEO can involve a number of tactics, such as keyword optimization, evaluating and refreshing tags and meta data and even updating page titles. Depending on the current condition of your site, the best thing to do may be to hire a web presence expert to build a new one from scratch. It should include a responsive design that adapts to all screen sizes and be crafted using quality, professionally written content that accurately describes your goods and services.

To read the blog in all its glory, please visit The local web presence experts at MORBiZ would love to help you boost your company’s online visibility. From marketing videos and directory cleanup services to full website builds, we’ve got an option for you. Give us a call at 1-855-266-7249 or contact us using this form to request a free evaluation of your current web presence. We look forward to helping you grow online and off!